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In the United States, a man died whose brain was penetrated by an amoeba: doctors told how to escape from the parasite

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A number of US government organizations are diligently studying the circumstances of the death of a Florida resident. The man died on March 2 from a rare disease officially called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. The disease affects the brain and disrupts the nervous system. In the vast majority of cases, it leads to death.

The source of infection is the amoeba Naegleria fowleri. In everyday life, it is called an amoeba that eats the brain. She lives in warm fresh water. It can be a pond, lake, river, pool. This parasite is dangerous to humans only if it enters the nose. Further, the amoeba moves with the olfactory nerve to the brain and affects the brain tissue.

It is noteworthy that the entry of this parasite into the human body due to the company does not pose any danger. Amoeba-infected water can be drunk. The action of Naegleria fowleri is neutralized by stomach acid.

The name of the Florida resident who died as a result of infection is not called. It is known that the diagnosis was made on February 23. The patient died a week later.

The Florida Department of Health believes that the infection occurred as a result of washing the sinuses with tap water. American doctors warn that this should not be done in any case. It is recommended to rinse the nose with sterilized or distilled water. If you still decide to use tap water, then it must be boiled and cooled. It is good to add ordinary table salt to the water at the rate of a teaspoon per 500 ml.

You can get infected while swimming in fresh water. Therefore, it is recommended to use special nose clips.

Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis is characterized by symptoms. This is a severe headache, a sharp increase in temperature, vomiting, convulsions, loss of orientation in space. Hallucinations are also possible.

In the US, this disease is diagnosed in an average of three people every year. Between 1962 and 2021, it was found in 154 patients. Of these, only four survived.

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Author: Igor KOZLOV

Source: Fakty

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