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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The attack on a Russian aircraft in Belarus is a great success. Why is AWACS so important?

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With the invention and introduction of the first radar stations, which among other things became part of the British success during the Battle of Britain, there was a problem – the limited possibilities of technical observation due to the curvature of the Earth. Soon, work began on the construction of appropriate flying platforms, on which it would be possible to place and use both a radar station with sufficient power and range, as well as personnel. This is how the concept of the AWACS aircraft (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) was born.

At the end of February, the world media disseminated information about an alleged strike on the Belarusian air base in Machulishche, where a Russian airborne early warning and control aircraft was damaged. Beriev A-50. Important evidence of the attack was the subsequent publication of a video of an unmanned aerial vehicle that landed on the fuselage of the aircraft. As it turned out later, the plane was able to leave Belarus and went to one of the repair bases in the Russian Federation.

We can say that the attack failed. Despite the fact that several days have passed, there is still no detailed information – some evidence indicates damage to the characteristic housing of the radar station located in the fairing above the fuselage.

However, this may mean the need to replace the components of the electronic system, which will be extremely difficult for the Russians, given the current embargo on the supply of foreign components. The removal of the A-50 from combat activity can be described in one word – success. Why? More on this later in the article.

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