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Here are the first materials on Counter-Strike 2. There will be a revolution. We know the release date

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No more waiting. Valve, after several days of escalating tension, finally showed the first material on Counter-Strike 2, the successor to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter-Strike 2 becomes a reality. The game’s producer, Valve, has just published the first footage from the game on its official Twitter account. A revolution is coming.

Counter-Strike 2. First gameplay footage here

In a video lasting over a minute, Valve unveiled the first changes that will be made thanks to an all-new game engine. The theme of the material is smoke grenades, one of the main mechanics used in a tactical shooter.

As can be seen from the material, the new engine will allow a completely new way to implement this mechanic in the game. Instead of information being sent to the server, CS2 smokes will be displayed as 3D models and recorded by each player’s computer. This allows you to create truly revolutionary solutions. Smoke grenades will react to the environment.

Dynamic smoke grenades

In Counter-Strike 2, smoke grenades react to passing players, flying projectiles, and exploding grenades. Smoke clouds must also behave according to the laws of physics. They will fill the rooms just like in real life. i hear in the movie “It will give you even more tactical options.”

Counter-Strike 2. We know the release date

The video for a few seconds also contains the information that players have been waiting for the most. At the end, you can see the scoreboard with the release date of the latest Counter-Strike game, which, as we read in the game’s official profile, is supposed to be a “CS:GO killer”. The new game should hit the market in the summer of 2023 and be free.

Most likely, Valve will again focus on the micropayment model, which will allow, among other things, for opening cases with weapon skins and other similar purchases. Players have already become accustomed to this model in CS:GO and actively used it.

Designed by: Martin Haber
Source: Twitter // @Counter Strike

Source: Wprost

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