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Virus in a popular shopping app. Google froze it for clarification

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Google has decided to suspend the popular shopping app from the Play Store. The case concerns malware-infected versions of an application circulating on the Internet. To clarify, users cannot download Pinduoduo from the Google platform.

Pinduoduo (PDD) is a hugely popular shopping app from China. However, its creators have been having problems lately, and Google even froze the ability to download the app from the Google Play Store ecosystem. All because of suspicious versions of the program containing malware.

Pinduoduo blocked on Google Play – the company is protected

Google is conducting a security audit of one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. The Mountain View giant cites “security issues” as the cause and has blocked the app until the company is cleared of suspicion.

The fact is that the Pinduoduo installation files available from alternative sources were infected with malware. Initially, Google only warned users using Google Protect that the app could be potentially malicious.

Then the American company escalated its actions, blocking the ability to download the application until it was investigated. He also warned users that they should remove infected versions of PDD from their phones. Pinduoduo representatives strongly disassociate themselves from suspicion, categorically denying that their application is “malicious”. They also argue that Google’s statement is not convincing yet.

Interestingly, Temu, Pinduoduo’s twin app for the US market and also owned by PDD Holding, still works without problems.

Pinduoduo – a giant from China from a former Google employee

As we wrote on Wprost.pl, Temu debuted in the US in mid-February this year. The company took note of the high-profile ads that debuted during the recent Super Bowl.

Although the company is based in Boston, its ownership structure is a bit more complex. The company is subordinate to PDD Holding, where the already mentioned Pinduoduo is located.

Pinduoduo is currently one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in China with around 900 million users. The advantage of the service over competitors is an interesting offer of group sales. The operation of the system can be compared to the Polish Groupon – goods can be purchased at a discount if several friends agree to a more wholesale purchase.

Pinduoduo was founded by billionaire Colin Huang. The Chinese is a former Google employee known for laying the foundations for the Chinese branch of the American Internet giant. He founded Pinduoduo in 2015 but recently stepped down as CEO (2020) and Chairman (2021) of the company.

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