Since then abbot elementary debuting in 2021, viewers couldn’t get enough of the fictional school and the exploits of its endlessly quirky staff and students. In an era where traditional sitcom sitcoms have taken a backseat in terms of popularity, Abbott has quickly become a gem of the genre.

While the show’s writing and direction are razor-sharp on their own, a series like this won’t get as big as it is without a solid cast of characters. Luckily, there isn’t a single comedic weak link on this list. Since Season 2 is still introducing hilarious new characters, here are some of the funniest ones we’ve got so far.

10 Janine Tiegs

according to the Quinta-Brunson scale

Janine Tiegs (plays the show’s creator Quinta Brunson) is a plucky young second grade teacher at Willard R. Abbott Elementary School.

Sure, she can be sloppy at times, but it’s hard to get mad at that impatient little ray of sunshine. Able to remain optimistic in the face of what life (or the school district) throws at her, the way her plans fall apart and burn often becomes a comedic centerpiece. Abbott episodes. Whether she’s playing bad puns or scaring herself while climbing the stairs, Janine is everything that makes the show work.

9 Gregory Eddy


Principal candidate-turned-deputy and eventually full-time first grade teacher at Abbott, Gregory Eddy is portrayed Tyler James Williams.

In a more traditional show, Gregory would probably be nothing more than Abbott’s “natural man”—the usual backdrop for the rest of the over-the-top ensemble. Luckily, he’s one of the best twists on the look we’ve seen in a long time, with such a strict and orderly lifestyle that makes him just as quirky as everyone else. His unwavering discipline seems to get funnier the more he is challenged by the madness around him, and his eyes on the camera are second to none.

8 Melissa Shementi

Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa Shemmenti in Abbott Elementary.

In execution Lisa Ann WalterMelissa Shementi is a second grade teacher at Abbott and has been teaching for several years.

Melissa is a person who can be trusted with sound advice (or a solid alibi) – a truly one of a kind teacher. Blessed with a razor-sharp demeanor and an endless stream of dizzying one-liners that hit the target every time, this wannabe firefighter is a must-have addition to the list.

7 Barbara Howard


Barbara Howard played by Sheryl Lee Ralphthe most experienced teacher at Abbott, having worked in kindergarten for 20 years.

You might think you got this crystal clear woman of God first, but what makes Miss Howard so special is that there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. She can make you laugh with anything from her dazzlingly bright smile to her righteous fury when it’s time to get her way. Wise and loving, but foolish and mischievous, Barbara is a sweet and hilarious contradiction.

6 Jacob Hill

First level

Jacob Hill is a young, bumbling history teacher in sixth grade at Abbott Elementary School, played by Chris Perfetti.

Like Janine, Jacob is one of those characters that gets funnier with each new setback. They don’t call him “Mr. C” for no reason, because of the special humor that works great in any situation he gets into. He may not be able to read a room, but that’s why we can’t get enough of this former samurai.

5 Mr Johnson


A recurring character who became a series regular in the second season, Mr. Johnson (played by William Stanford Davislisten)) is Abbott’s guardian and occasionally fills in for a teacher.

Every good sitcom needs a Mr. Johnson, but there’s only one Mr. Johnson. A man of mystery, it seems that he has lived a thousand lives, knowing a little about everything and telling many stories. This passionate janitor and full-time conspiracy theorist is a wild card that we can’t wait to see more of.

4 Ava Coleman


In execution Janelle JamesAva Coleman is a director at Abbott and also an aspiring social media influencer.

An absolute force of nature, every time Ava appears in the frame, you understand that you will now laugh. No one has ever done a job as good as her, and Abbott this is better. Between her infatuation with Gregory and her disdain for Janine, Ava has jokes for everyone and everything around her.

3 Tariq Temple

Zach Fox as Tarik in Abbott Elementary

In execution Zach FoxTariq Temple is the ex-boyfriend of Janine Teague and an aspiring anti-drug rap artist.

Tariq is one of those guys that you would think are the coolest people if you weren’t old enough to know better and that’s what makes him so great. Sure, he’s a freeloader and a pretty bad boyfriend, but he makes up for any annoyance with his infectious energy and endlessly quoted lines.

2 Ashley

Ashley Garcia-In-Abbott-Elementary

Ashley Garcia was hired by director Ava Coleman as Melissa’s assistant and is played by Keila Monterroso Mejia.

A fairly new addition to the Abbott family, Ashley wasted no time in establishing herself as a unique collaborator. No matter the time or place, she is always full of energy and more than ready to throw it at Melissa. We can’t wait to see more of this hyperactive female child as the show progresses.

1 Zach


Zach was featured in abbot elementary as Jacob Hill’s supportive boyfriend, played by Larry Owens.

It takes a special type of person to keep up with Jacob, and Zack does it with almost bewildering ease. So far, this seasoned sneakerhead has only made a few appearances, but every time he does, his hilarious energy allows him to crack jokes.