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New “flying radar” for the US military. In recent months they have been patrolling the skies over Poland.

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The United States Army will replace its fleet of AWACS, or so-called “flying radars”. There is an agreement with the manufacturer of new cars.

The US Air Force plans to purchase 26 new Boeing E-7As in AWACS configuration. These are the so-called “flying radars” that have carried out missions in the Polish skies in recent months.

The new machines are designed to replace worn-out Boeing E-3s serving in the US Army. According to the Ministry of Defense, the contract for the supply of new aircraft should cost $1.2 billion.

The new aircraft are based on the narrow-body Boeing 737-700. Their main advantage is a much more effective radar. The first models are to be delivered to the US Army in 2027. In 2032, the Pentagon plans to announce an order for another 24 units.

AWACS, or “flying radar”

AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) is a control and early warning system that is installed on specially adapted aircraft. The AWACS system is used to monitor the airspace and detect enemy targets, which allows you to effectively manage defensive operations.

The AWACS system consists of radar antennas placed on a special platform on the fuselage of the aircraft, which allow tracking targets over long distances and in various weather conditions. The system also uses advanced data analysis and target identification software to accurately determine their position and movement.

The AWACS system is used by the military of various countries of the world, and its main task is early warning of air attacks, guarding borders and monitoring airspace during hostilities. AWACS is particularly useful for military operations over large areas where conventional radar systems may be ineffective.

Source: Reuters

Source: Wprost

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