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The United States is building artificial intelligence drones that recognize faces. Cars are controversial.

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The US Air Force has developed new technology for its drones. Units supported by artificial intelligence will receive facial recognition functions from a considerable distance. But are they good enough?

According to recent reports, the US Air Force was to develop a new type of facial recognition technology. Special systems will support a fleet of drones already supported by artificial intelligence. As a result, units will have to autonomously perform tasks over a vast territory.

Military drones with artificial intelligence and facial recognition – the US is rubbing their hands

As the journalists found out, we are talking about a US aviation contract with RealNetworks from Seattle. The company has previously collaborated with the military, and under a contract from 2021, it is developing and implementing a new face recognition function and a system for the complete autonomy of AI drones.

The programs will allow drones to operate independently and carry out missions in different countries and locations with minimal human intervention. The new functions of the machine include: recognition of targets from the air, assistance in search operations or assistance in protecting perimeters, such as military bases.

Drones recognize faces, but are they good enough?

Much of RealNetworks’ work is expected to be completed, with the most recent step being the introduction of new AI drone software. However, at the same time, market observers have doubts about the accuracy of such a detection.

Face recognition systems are becoming more accurate every year. However, high-profile cases of errors often occur, for example, the detention of a passer-by who looks like a wanted person.

In a military design concept, a drone would track specific people and look for targets to destroy. If, according to the project, the machine is supposed to be completely autonomous, this could mean that it will identify a given person and launch a missile – potentially at an innocent person.

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