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Russia is planning a coup d’etat in Moldova with the help of Kadyrovites – Danilov

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In Moldova, where the government recently resigned, Russia is planning a coup.

This was stated on the air of the telethon NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov, reports “Espresso”. According to him, Chechen “rescuers” who are in Turkey can be involved in this.

“Let’s not say that nothing happened in Moldova. There is now a change in the leadership of the country, the power bloc is being strengthened as much as possible”, he said and added that Ukrainian intelligence had warned the Moldovan side that Russia wanted to stage a so-called coup d’etat there in the near future. Russia wants it to “light up” there again, so that there is a point of tension that will be paid maximum attention to.

“The dregs that were on February 24-25-26 as part of the so-called“ Chechen group ”on our territory are now in Turkey and are working there as“ rescuers ”. We are now closely monitoring so that it does not happen that these rescuers end up in Chisinau. We know their first and last names. They had a personal task since February 24″Danilov added.

Recall that Turkey recorded the arrival of Kadyrov’s special forces Daniil Martynov, who at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine oversaw the activities of Kadyrov’s groups in the Kiev region

Earlier it was reported that on February 10, during a massive rashist attack on Ukraine, several missiles flew over the territory of Romania and Moldova.

Photo from the page of Alexey Danilov in social networks

Author: Irina GAL

Source: Fakty

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