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A court scandal is brewing in the Chernihiv region, – media

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The Repkinsky District Court was at the center of a scandal that, according to experts, could become corrupt. The former head of the Chernihiv Medical Center for Modern Oncology, Yuriy Shen, who resigned in August 2021 of his own free will, filed a lawsuit for reinstatement. This is written by “Ukrainian News” in the article “Does Ukraine Shine EU Membership with Ukrainian Justice”.

“It turned out that Shen’s statement was accepted for consideration by the chairman of the court, Olga Pavlenko, despite the fact that, due to its status, the district court does not have the right to consider this issue. The oncology center is subordinate to the regional council, so that the mentioned case can only be considered by the Chernihiv District Administrative Court,” – the article says.

According to experts, due to such a violation of substantive accountability, the chairman of the court exceeded her powers.

It is noted that the behavior of Pavlenko so far looks quite suspicious, because, as the chairman of the court, it not only painted the Shen case in itself, but also blocks its transfer to the OAS.

Experts believe that such cases are quite typical for regions where local elites often try to “resolve” certain issues through the courts of general jurisdiction.

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Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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