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Dishonest mayors and corruption in urban planning: what will be the main steps of the new director of NABU

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The new director of NABU, Semyon Krivonos, intends to develop the Bureau and overcome all obstacles to fight corruption. We are talking, in particular, about the town-planning sector.

As director of NABU, Semyon Krivonos intends to continue to work on the destruction of schemes in the urban development industry, which is well known to him after his experience in DIAM. This is stated in the article “Focus” “Powerful anticorrosive, high-profile cases, the fight against corruption in urban planning. 5 important steps of the new director of NABU Semyon Krivonos.

“The anti-corruption activities of Semyon Krivonos in the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Planning, which he previously headed, were aimed at minimizing corruption risks. Being the head of DIAM, Krivonos said that the new approaches in DIAM reduce the risk of corruption and the possibility of preliminary informal agreements between inspectors and entrepreneurs. The expert community is sure that among the first steps of Semyon Krivonos will be the fight against corruption in the urban planning sector,” writes “Focus”.

“NABU is now going to start working precisely with the construction sector, which Krivonos is professionally proficient in – it was he who was among the ideologists and initiators of draft law No. 5655 on urban planning reform. And abuses in this area, as they say, through the roof. Accordingly, the mayors of large cities tensed up, where they are building past the General Plan, but not past the pockets of officials, ” – the publication quotes the opinion of expert analyst Alexander Kochetkov. The expert is sure that corrupt deals in the construction sector are estimated at billions of dollars a year, so the intentions of NABU can only be welcomed.

According to blogger Yevgeny Prokopishin, Krivonos will take steps to overcome corruption in urban planning, because he used to be the head of the State Inspectorate for Urban Planning, where he showed himself as a fighter against corruption, and now Krivonos plans to start active work in the urban planning sector. “By the way, it was Semyon Krivonos who was one of the ideologists of bill No. 5655 (urban planning reform) and now local corrupt officials (especially some famous corrupt mayors like Klitschko and Filatov) and scandalous developers are very afraid of him. And this looks as logical as possible, since he knows this sector well from the inside and perfectly understands who and for what he can be tied up there. Therefore, there was such a massive information campaign against him, because a certain circle of people wanted to see their man in NABU, who would turn a blind eye to all this corruption (the issue costs billions of dollars annually),” – quotes the publication “Focus” the words of Evgeny Prokopishin.

“It is known that Semyon Krivonos is an outspoken supporter of the reform (project No. 5655), which, in his opinion, radically changes the existing system in the country and is precisely in the anti-corruption vertical. The digitalization laid down by bill No. 5655, according to Krivonos, completely deprives the procedure for granting permits and approvals to developers of a corruption component,” – the article says.

According to Semyon Krivonos, it is necessary to change the system as a whole, and bill No. 5655 eliminates officials of local governments and DIAM from licensing functions, because it transfers them to the “figure”. “In this law, the official is removed from licensing functions, from the process of obtaining the right to perform construction work,” NABU director Semyon Krivonos is sure.

As a reminder, Semyon Krivonos, who was appointed the new director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, considers draft law No. 5655 “On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Reforming the Sphere of Urban Development” as a major comprehensive law that introduces transparent rules of the game and radically changes approaches in the industry.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law No. 5655 as a whole, which, according to experts, is a full-fledged reform of the urban planning sector, which will systematically change the “rules of the game” in urban planning.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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