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People’s deputies of the “Restoration of Ukraine” group help the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense

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MP from the group “Restoration of Ukraine” Yevgeny Shevchenko told the details of his participation in the non-involvement of Belarus as a state in the war against Ukraine. As Kirill Budanov, the head of the GUR, said on air, Shevchenko is not the first representative of the group who helps his department.

According to the deputy Yevgeny Shevchenko, together with the head of the GUR Kirill Budanov, he organized a conversation between President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the first days of the war, thanks to which negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations took place.

“The Russians sent their delegation to Belarus near Gomel, Zelensky said that he would not send people to negotiate in a country from which missiles are flying and troops are entering. The Russian delegation was about to leave, and at that moment Budanov and I joined in. I already understood the psychology of President Zelensky that he would not call Lukashenka because Ukraine was attacked. My task was to make sure that Lukashenka himself called Zelensky by phone and gave guarantees for the safety of our group that nothing would happen to them. Only then did they leave, Shevchenko said.

According to him, this war was a shock for Lukashenka.

He told me that everything can be resolved and that we urgently need to negotiate. It was all very chaotic, so I don’t remember all the details. The talks in Belarus helped buy time, we needed this pause. From the first day of the war, the GUR tried to hold the northern border of the country so that Belarusian troops would not go along with the Russians. the modesty of Budan will not allow this to be said, but I can say that it was the GUR special forces who took the first blow near Kiev, ” – Yevgeny Shevchenko commented to the media.

When asked if he communicates with Lukashenka, Shevchenko answered as follows: “No comments”.

In addition, the people’s deputy said that he is now continuing to cooperate with the GUR.

“I also constantly visit parliament, I don’t miss a single session. Regarding the hate from my colleagues in the first days of the war, I can say that the main thing is to solve the security issues of our state, and not to flirt with Vyatrovich and the like. Actions should be judged, not words. Let them bark, I’m already used to it, Shevchenko said.

Earlier, information was circulated in the media that deputy Alexander Kovalev works for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and entered the Coordination Headquarters with the release of prisoners of war. It was he who conducted secret negotiations on the withdrawal of the military from Azovstal.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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