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“This is“ trolling ”of other law enforcement officers”: political scientist criticized Shmyhal for special signals for BEB

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Denys Shmyhal made a “very important” decision: the cars of the Economic Security Bureau were allowed to use blue “flashing lights”. They will now be able to legally drive through red lights, stop at prohibited places, turn around across a double solid lane and push other road users to the curb. Political scientist Maryan Oshchanovsky wrote about this in a blog on the Censor website.

In his opinion, the decision looks stupid, since it will not directly affect the work of BEB in protecting the rights of business or reforming this body.

“In February, the Verkhovna Rada recognized the work of the BEB as unsatisfactory. Even in a memorandum with the IMF, they wrote down the restart of the bureau as one of the conditions for receiving 15.6 billion dollars. a loan from the Fund and about another 40 billion dollars. related funding. Flashing lights are an indicator of how the government is going to reform the BEB. Answer: no, – wrote the political scientist.

The expert recalled that instead of turning into an “intellectual body”, the BEB has become an instrument of pressure and destruction of those businesses that still continue to operate, despite the full-scale war.

“According to Ekonomicheskaya Pravda, the Bureau is actually subordinate to Oleg Tatarov, deputy head of the President’s Office, who is a member of the VSK, who is in conflict with the head of the Tax Committee, Danil Getmantsev. For example, BEB Deputy Director Vitaly Gagach is Tatarov’s godfather. The actual head of the analytical department of the Bureau, Nikolai Chinchin, was the former head of Tatarov in the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the Revolution of Dignity. Alexander Tkachuk, who also worked with Tatarov in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is called the head responsible for the work of detectives in the BEB … “- wrote a political scientist.

As Oshchanovsky writes, instead of changing the situation, the government is actually expanding the powers of the BEB, making it possible to travel with privileges.

“Why did Denis Shmigal make such a gift to the acting head of the Economic Security Bureau, Eduard Fedorov, and Tatarov’s ‘Donetsk team’? Where can BEB’s “agent” hurry if his task is to sit at a computer and study financial reports, and not to go around factories wearing masks and lay people face down on the floor? – asks Oshchanovsky.

He also notes that the practice of issuing movement rights with special signals to the smallest officials is more typical of Russia. At the same time, it is not clear whether the bureau has new powers and new tasks, which are still unknown.

“This is a subtle trolling of other law enforcement agencies that, in fact, their service beacons are no longer a privilege, but an ordinary accessory that can be distributed to anyone by a government decision … Denys Shmyhal, obviously, should finally occupy the government with something useful. For example, an economy that continues to fly into the abyss, Oshchanovsky wrote.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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