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Used car online? The Poles have two arguments “yes”

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According to a survey by Santander Consumer Multirent, every fifth driver in Poland admits that they would decide to buy a used car entirely online. The biggest advantage of this form of purchase for Poles with a driver’s license will be the possibility of returning the car at the specified time and within the specified mileage, as well as home delivery of the car.

A fifth of Poles with a driver’s license would be willing to buy a used car entirely online, while two-thirds would hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. The group of drivers considering buying a used car online was dominated by young people aged 18-29 and 30-39 (36% and 31% of responses respectively) with an income of PLN 5,000 to PLN 6,999 net (32%). Women (70%), older people (67% among 60-year-olds and 96% of respondents over 70) and people earning PLN 7,000 or more per hand (77%) were among the respondents who were wary of such a decision. ).

Sunday drivers are more distrustful

– Differences in the respondents’ approach to the question of buying a used car completely online depend on how often they drive a car. the so-called Sunday drivers were more likely than others to indicate that they would not want to take advantage of this opportunity. 74% answered in the affirmative. people use a car once a week or less, says Pavel Snigurski, used car finance manager at Santander Consumer Multirent. “This may be due to the fact that such drivers usually have less knowledge about the automotive industry than those who use four wheels every day. This, in turn, makes them feel not qualified enough to decide to buy a car based on online descriptions and photos alone.

Returns and home delivery available

According to motorists, the biggest advantage of buying a used car completely online, according to motorists, is the ability to return the car within a certain time and within a set mileage (49% of responses). This opportunity was most important for people who use a car every day (56%), 50-year-olds (66%) and respondents earning more than PLN 5,000 net (65%). Respondents also often indicated that it is an advantage for them to have a car delivered to the specified address (40%). This answer was also indicated by people who drive every day (48%) and people over 50 (56%).

Seller’s Warranty Matters

What is also important for Polish drivers is the seller’s guarantee that the car is in good technical condition and has not been stolen, as well as access to information about repairs, maintenance and possible damage (38% of indications in both cases). In turn, saving time due to the fact that with this form of purchase there is no need to go to the place of the seller, according to 37 percent of respondents, it is important. respondents with driving licenses. This aspect was most often indicated by respondents from small towns with a population of up to 50,000 people. residents and medium-sized up to 250 thousand people (43 and 42 percent, respectively).

Online price negotiation

Drivers further mentioned the possibility of negotiating the price of a car (33% of responses), the seller’s guarantee for critical components and electronics (31%), a wide range of car brands and manufacturers (31%), and the ability to choose. vehicle, regardless of its location (30%). They were less likely to point to the simplicity of the process – the fact that this purchase occurs on the same terms as ordering other goods online (23% of responses) – or a well-crafted sales proposal (18%). Only 13% indicated the possibility of using additional insurance. verified drivers.

– The possibility of using external financing was important for 17 percent. drivers. The advantage of buying a used car online was most often indicated by people aged 50-59 (22%), residents of small towns (28%) and people with incomes from PLN 4,000 to PLN 4,999, PLN 5,000 and PLN 6,999 per hand ( 27%). % respectively) and 28% of the readings), says Pavel Snigursky.

Source: Santander Consumer Multirent

Source: Wprost

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