For the first time since 1990, the cute but chaotic horror cult icons are finally about to return in a more family-friendly capacity. Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries. The new Max animated series is finally bringing the long dormant franchise to life once again, revisiting the origins of fan-favorite creatures and detailing the life of one particular Mogwai.

Mogwai, better known as Gremlins, were introduced to the public around the world along with the original game. gremlins 1984 film. The film depicts an ambitious American inventor who wants to bring his son something special from his time in Chinatown, New York and finds it in a strange creature called Gizmo (Howie Mandel). After purchasing a creature from a young boy, the inventor is given three rules to follow; don’t put him in bright light, don’t give him water, and never, ever feed him after midnight. The inventor’s son, a kind-hearted but carefree young man named Billy (Zach Galligan) breaks all of these rules and inadvertently unleashes an army of evil Gremlins clones that only he and Gizmo can stop. They barely succeed, but Gizmo’s original owner returns and takes the powerful creature away to keep him from causing further harm.



The first film seamlessly combined comedy and horror into a beloved family story, and that story will continue into Gremlins 2: New Batch. In the incredibly self-aware sequel, a nefarious new group of gremlins take over a New York skyscraper, led by a particularly intelligent Mogwai capable of complex speech. The film is generally considered a solid sequel to the 1984 original, but poor box office performance led to the franchise being put on hold indefinitely.

Despite numerous attempts to revive gremlins the series has been launched over the years, none of them have been realized until now. Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries Set decades before the events of the first film, it features both familiar and brand new characters. To find out who these characters are and who will be voicing them, read the detailed cast and character guide below.

AJ LoCascio as Gizmo

Gizmo in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets
Image via Max

Veteran Voiceover and Voltron: Legendary Defender star AJ LoCascio will have the big ears to stuff Gizmo by taking on the role originally played by Howie Mandel.

As we see in the original films, Gizmo is a carefree little creature fascinated by the world around him. A gentle soul with a kind heart, Gizmo has a special weakness for people, enjoying their communication. He didn’t bat an eyelid when a strange American bought him and gave him as a pet to young Billy. However, Gizmo proves to be the source of many problems, especially when Billy neglects the three rules he must follow. It really starts when Gizmo gets hit by water, causing dozens of his clones to emerge from the cute creature. These clones may look cute and cuddly, but make no mistake; they are not good-hearted Mogwai like Gizmo, but play pranks right at the gate. Things get worse when Billy accidentally feeds the clones after midnight, causing them to mutate into terrifying and aggressive creatures. Fortunately, Gizmo has not been affected by these changes, and he helps Billy defeat the rogue Mogwai once and for all.

IN Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries, we learn that Gizmo is much older than he looks. This is because the series takes place nearly a century before the events of the original film, set in 1920s Shanghai. During this period of time, Gizmo had another close person, Sam Wing (Isaac Wang).

Isaac Wang as Sam Wing

Isaac Wang as Sam Wing, Ming-Na Wen as Fong Wing and B.D.  Wong as Hong Wing in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets.
Image via Max

Isaac Wang made an incredible first impression in voice acting when he breathed life into the charismatic and charming Bone in Raya and the last dragon. His character Sam Wing in Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries may seem like an unfamiliar face at first, but it’s actually a character we’ve met before.

Remember the original owner of Gizmo? The old man who warned the inventor and told him not to mess with the Mogwai? This is Sam Wing, although much older and wiser. In the original film, he is simply referred to as “Grandpa” and is played by Key LukeSam has apparently taken care of Gizmo since the 1920s. He can only be seen at the very beginning and very end of the original film (as well as a brief appearance in Gremlins 2: New Batch). In the beginning, it is he who informs the inventor that Gizmo is not for sale. In the end, he is the one who brings Gizmo back after all the chaos caused by his clones, although it is a friendly goodbye as the American family agrees that the Mogwai are much better off with their original owner.

Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries will not only be a source for Gizmo, but also for Sam Wing. We’ll see a completely different version of the character, not an older man with years of wisdom, but a little boy who isn’t quite sure what to do with his mysterious furry friend.

James Hong as Grandpa

James Hong as Grandpa Wing in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets.
Image via Max

Just like Sam had his own grandson in the original. gremlinshe will have his own wise grandfather in Secrets of the Mogwai and animation fans will be delighted to see a prolific character actor play him James Hongwhose resume of over four hundred roles includes Big Trouble in Little China, All Everywhere All at onceAnd Kung Fu Panda trilogy.

One of the first things we hear in the trailer Secrets of the Mogwai – Hong’s instantly recognizable voice, where it is clear that he will play the role of a mentor who knows what the Mogwais are capable of. His explanatory narration introduces not only the species and their dangers, but also the three rules to remember when caring for these creatures.

Gabriel Neva as El

Gabrielle Neva as Elle in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets.
Image via Max

Sam won’t be alone in his quest to protect Gizmo, as Gabriel Neva (This girl lay lay) will also assist the character El.

El appears to be a young woman the same age as Sam, whose friendship with the boy makes her reluctant to help in protecting Gizmo from various forces pursuing him. She is clearly aware that this magical adventure is insane on many levels, but still seems eager to help Sam and Gizmo on their quest.

Ming-Na Wen and B.D. Wong as Fong and Hong Wing

Ming-Na Wen as Fong Wing and B.D.  Wong as Hong Wing in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets.
Image via Max

The two adults in the Wing family (presumably Sam’s parents) will also have some star power. This includes Ming-Na Wen (Boba Fett book) And BD Wong (jurassic world).

We haven’t seen much from Fong and Hong Wing, but they probably won’t be thrilled about Sam surrounding himself with extremely dangerous and mysterious lifeforms.

Matthew Rhys as Riley Green

Matthew Reese as Riley Greene in Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets.
Image via Max

Although we know the evil Gremlins are back for Secrets of the Mogwaithere’s also a brand new threat and it’s played by Perry Mason himself, Matthew Reese.

Riley Green seems to bring magic to the spotlight. gremlins franchise. For some reason, he is extremely intrigued by Gizmo and wants to use him for his own nefarious purposes. Green repeatedly shows the extent of his power in the trailers, with his Green eyes and penchant for witchcraft, making him a new and unique threat to Sam, El and Gizmo.

Gremlins: Mogwai Secrets Confirmed Guest Appearances

Zach Galligan as Billy and Howie Mandel as Gizmo in Gremlins
Image via Warner Bros.

In addition to the main cast, several other major stars will make guest appearances on the series. Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries. These include Killing EveX Sandra Oh, Fresh off the boatX Randall Park, Star TrekX George TakeiAnd Saturday night lifeX Bowen Yan. should also appear Zach Galliganwho of course played Billy in the original films, although it’s unclear if he’ll be reprising the role or voicing a new character.

Gremlins: Mogwai Mysteries premieres on Max the same day it releases on May 23rd.