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Shopping on Sundays, March 2023 List of stores open on March 19.

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Five years have passed since the entry into force of the law on the restriction of trade on Sundays and public holidays. During this time, the rules have changed several times. We check which stores will be open on March 19, as well as when the next trading Sunday falls.

Commercial Sundays have been long-awaited days for several years now. While in the first year of the trade ban, purchases could be made every first and last Sunday of the month, as of 2020 there are only seven commercial Sundays per year.

Sunday shopping, March 2023 Stores open March 19.

If you didn’t manage to do more shopping on Saturday, it might not be easy today. March 19 is a non-commercial Sunday. Moreover, in March the ban on trading applies to all Sundays.

Despite this, today it will be possible to make slightly smaller purchases, and in fact buy only the most necessary. The law restricting trading on Sundays and holidays provides for several exceptions. That is why local shops will be opened on March 19, where buyers will be served by the owner himself or his relatives. Gas stations, as well as franchised stores such as Carrefour Express and Żabka, will also be able to operate.

Also open every Sunday:

  • pharmacies,

  • florists,

  • entertainment place,

  • catering establishments,

  • supermarkets at stations

  • purchases of agricultural products, milk and undergrowth,

  • post offices, where at least 40% of the revenue is postal services,

  • places of sale of fish – in the case of: sale from a fishing vessel, fish farm or when the facility is only engaged in the collection of fish products.

Next trading Sunday before Easter

Almost two months have passed since the first trading Sunday this year. Another opportunity to shop on the last day of the week will appear on April 2, the week before Easter. This solution will definitely make your Christmas shopping easier.

It is also worth noting that in April we will have not one, but two trading Sundays. The next one will take place on April 30 and will precede the May weekend. The following Sundays without a trading ban will take place:

  • June 25

  • August 27

  • December 17

  • December 24

Designed by: Claudia Zawistowska
Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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