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He switched to remote work, signed two more contracts. He still has time to have fun

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Remote work does not necessarily mean working from home. One of the clerks left the four walls, working two more places. This is not only an added benefit, but also a time for fun.

When the pandemic hit three years ago, many employers delegated employees to work from home almost overnight. The home office has caught on and, contrary to the name, doesn’t mean you have to work from home. You can do it from anywhere in the world and earn money elsewhere, combining business with pleasure. This is evidenced by the story of the official, which is described by the American Business Insider.

We switched to remote work. He started a new life

Before the pandemic, the man worked in the office once a week, and when Covid appeared, he switched to a remote model. He didn’t want to work from home, he wanted to travel. Then he came up with a plan that changed his life.

I wanted to travel more, but I couldn’t afford all the airfare, so I took a seasonal job with a major airline. This job gave me aviation benefits even after my seasonal job ended. caller says.

The official worked at the airport for three months, where he assisted passengers, for example, in issuing boarding passes, cleaning planes or transporting supplies. Activities for an official may not be very ambitious, but – as he says – he did not care what he was doing, because then he changed his attitude to work – external approval is not important, but profit. In this case, the aforementioned benefits, thanks to which he was able to travel more.

High living costs remained a problem. And yet our hero found a way. At the urging of his friends, he took a part-time job at a hotel in order to profit there as well. He only works 15 hours a month and only pays $40 for a room.

One day in the (new) life of an official

As a result, the civil servant combines a full-time remote job with two other jobs – a part-time job at a hotel and a seasonal job at an airline.

This is what a day looks like when I’m on the road. For example, in London I wake up in the morning and explore the city from 8 am to 3:30 pm. Then I return to the hotel, take a short break and start working for the government around 4:00 pm. the official says.

The man admits that his superiors do not know anything and, as he emphasizes, would rather ask them for “forgiveness than permission.” When he has to show up at the office (after the pandemic subsided, the model returned to a one-day job on the set), he takes sick leave and continues to perform his duties remotely.

Designed by: Radoslav Swiecki
Source: business insider

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