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Keane will not be: the Office of the President denied granting permission to the director from Russia Molochnikov to shoot a film about the children of war in Ukraine

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A scandal erupted on the network due to the announced filming by Russian director Alexander Molochnikov of the film “Expect” about children from Bakhmut. In Ukraine, the preparatory process of work has begun. Molochnikov himself wrote about this, urging him to tell the aching stories of the children of the war.

Also, Ukrainian actress Christina Ursulyak wrote on her Facebook page about the casting for boys to participate in the film, the search for locations. However, she noted that the Columbia University team was working on the project, and not the Russian Molochnikov.

Ukrainian production designer Ivan Levchenko said that Molochnikov offered him a job and said that he “received accreditation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” and an agreement with the “first person” of the OP.

After the outrage on the network, Ursulyak deleted posts mentioning the film, noting that the project was “closed and not filmed.”

The Office of the President also denied giving any permission to Molochnikov to film in Ukraine.

“The Office of the President has nothing to do with the arrival in Ukraine, the creative plans and activities of Mr. Molochnikov. The Office of the President has not issued and does not issue any permits for filming,” – says the official response to the request of the publication “Detector Media”.

Recall that Alexander Molochnikov is a Russian actor, director, screenwriter of theater and cinema. He worked at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, realized his own version of “Taras Bulba” – in collaboration with the former journalist of Sasha Denisova. He currently resides in the USA.

Earlier, the public was agitated by the Oscar award for a film about the Russian opposition leader Navalny, who was imprisoned by the Kremlin authorities.

Author: Alexander LESCHENKO

Source: Fakty

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