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Which Ukrainians are entitled to a 100% discount on utility bills: the PFU named the categories

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In Ukraine, some citizens have benefits for paying for housing and communal services. Pensioners of certain professions who worked in rural areas and continue to live there after retirement can take advantage of a benefit in the amount of a 100% discount on the payment of housing and communal services, the purchase of solid and liquid heating household fuel and liquefied gas within the established standards. This was reported by the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

In particular, these are:

• teaching staff;
• medical and pharmaceutical workers;
• plant protection specialists;
• workers of museums and libraries;
• employees of state and municipal cultural institutions, educational institutions in the cultural sphere.

“At the same time, pensioners who previously worked in such professions, in order to receive benefits, must have at least three years of relevant work experience and, at the time of retirement, work in positions that give the right to benefits (order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine 09/13/2006 No. 341/651/619/769, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 11/10/2006 for No. 1193/13067)”– reported the Pension Fund.


They noted that the right to the benefit depends on the income of the beneficiary’s family. The benefit is provided if the average monthly family income for the previous six months per person does not exceed the amount of income that gives the right to a social tax benefit (in 2024 this is UAH 4,240.0).

The benefit is provided for twelve months from the month of application, but not more than until the end of the calendar year. This benefit does not apply to family members of the beneficiary.


Required documents

To assign a payment, a pensioner registered in the Register of Persons Eligible for Benefits must provide:


– application for benefits for payment of housing and communal services, purchase of solid fuel and liquefied gas;
– documents confirming residence in rural areas.

“To enter data into the Register of Beneficiaries, a person must submit an appropriate application and a certificate confirming the right to a benefit issued by the department of education, health, culture (culture and tourism), the district state administration or the administration of the institution (institution) where the person worked, a village or town council ( in case of liquidation of an establishment, etc.) based on entries in the work book”– the department reported.

How to apply

You can submit an application and the necessary documents to the Fund in one of the following ways:

• personally – through service centers of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, authorized officials of the executive body of the village, town, city council of the relevant territorial communities, centers for the provision of administrative services;
• by mail – to the address of the Fund body;
• online – through the web portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the “Pension Fund” mobile application or through the “Action” portal.

Previously, “FACTS” wrote who has the right to receive discounts in the amount of 75% of the amount in the receipt, as well as in the amount of 50% of the amounts in the payment order.


Author: Ivan MOZGOVOY, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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