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“In the stained glass painting of the pysanka night light, I used the traditional pysanka ornament,” master Valentina Kulpinova

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Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul“- said the world famous artist Pablo Picasso. And the famous composer Edvard Grieg considered art a mystery. In any case, it decorates our lives.

FACTS continues the series of interviews with Ukrainian handicraft masters, whose works are captivating the whole world. Despite the war and despite it, they create beauty. Some people make porcelain flowers that are indistinguishable from real ones, others make cute soft toys or original interior decor. Today there are many thematic groups on social networks where masters present their works.

A truly amazing art is stained glass painting. Refined and filigree, it captivates.

Stained glass painting by Valentina Kulpinova is amazingly beautiful

She told FACTS about her new collection of lamps with stained glass paintings master from Lutsk Valentina Kulpinova. Her work has connoisseurs in different countries of the world: Poland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA.

“I really love the combination of floral patterns with geometric ones”

— Valentina, tell us about your new collection of lamps with stained glass painting.


The works are varied. For example, in painting one of the lampshades I used a traditional Easter egg pattern (photo in the title). Now I’m working on another night light – a pysanka. Easter ornaments are so diverse that it can’t help but amaze. They symbolize what people usually dream about – harmony, love, health, longevity, abundance… Colorful, colorful patterns create a special mood. I really love the combination of floral and geometric patterns. Favorite flowers include rose (rose), bells, edelweiss, which, according to popular belief, is a symbol of happiness and love… And here, for example, is a night light with a fantasy blooming garden and a fox.

Interesting work – a night light with a fantasy flowering garden and a fox

And another one with a jug. The jug is a symbol of a fulfilled life. Popular wisdom says: “You can only pour from a jug into a mug what is in it.”


– Very good! It’s interesting to look at every detail…

— But this night light is about the forest, crimson oak leaves, red viburnum, beautifully dressed ududs… Most of my works have fairy tale motifs. This has been noted more than once by fans of my work. Such works seem to take you back to childhood. “Dream!” – the main message of my work. Among my works are wooden table lamps with elements of authentic Kosovar ceramic painting. Local craftsmen used a limited number of colors: white, green and various shades of yellow. By the way, I recently received an interesting order to make night lights for a hotel in the Carpathians. I was very pleased with this, because many guests would see them there.

The jug present in the stained glass painting symbolizes a fulfilled life

— What is the difference between stained glass painting and just glass painting?

Stained glass painting is the pouring of colors into contours in such a way that each color is on its own, separate. And glass painting is like painting on canvas, wood or other surfaces, only glass serves as the basis: strokes lie on top of each other, colors mix…

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— How is stained glass painting created?

— For painting you need good quality paints and outlines, brushes, alcohol to clean the glass and the object of painting itself. For me these are mainly lampshades and glass for inserting into nightlights. The lampshades look especially impressive outdoors on a sunny day. Under the rays of the sun they play with all colors. I also used to paint mirrors. Stained glass painting begins with degreasing the surface, drawing a contour on the glass according to a diagram that must first be drawn on paper. Then the outline is dried, after which you can begin to fill it with color. This is the most pleasant and longest process. And after this the finished drawing is dried.

A table lamp with stained glass painting is a real interior decoration.

“I can look at the works of famous Ukrainian artists for a very long time: Polina Raiko, Maria Prymachenko and Ekaterina Bilokur”

— What is the most difficult thing about your job?

— For me, there is nothing particularly difficult in painting, because I already have experience, and for beginners, perhaps the most difficult thing is to draw smooth, uniform contour lines, fill them with paints without going into other zones and not leaving missing areas. I went through all the subtleties of painting on my own. This is a difficult path. Every little detail is important if you strive for perfection.

— It’s always interesting to imagine a workshop where beauty is created. What is yours?

— In fact, any room with good ventilation and lighting can serve as a workshop. Be sure to be perfectly clean, because the greatest damage to the product is caused by dust if it gets on glass surfaces. My workshop is an ordinary room at home. As a rule, I work in lint-free gloves. In the beginning, when I had no experience yet, my hands were always covered in paint and cuts. When working with solvent-based paints, I wear a mask.

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— What usually inspires you?

— For inspiration you need a good mood. It is created by relatives, flowers and pets. Where there is mood, there are ideas and creative productivity. Art also inspires. For a very long time I can look at the works of famous Ukrainian artists: Polina Raiko, Maria Prymachenko and Ekaterina Bilokur. And, of course, a great source of inspiration is the warm words of fans of my work. I have a whole collection of such reviews. I save every one. It’s nice when a person says that he is delighted with my work and orders another lamp – either for himself or as a gift to family or friends.

Valentina Kulpinova: “My works with fairy-tale motifs seem to transport me back to childhood”

— What do you think is the secret of the popularity of your products?

— Like any type of creativity, stained glass painting allows the artist to realize himself and bring something beautiful into the world. Night lights, mirrors, dishes with stained glass paintings are very good, which is why this art is so popular.

“For myself, I made a night light with cockerels”

— Does stained glass painting lose its brightness over time?

– I use high-quality paints from world brands that have been on the market for hundreds of years. So, time-tested. I hope that the lampshades painted with these paints will last a very long time. Of course, exposing the product to frost or scorching sun will not do any good. Therefore, this should be avoided. In general, lampshades with stained glass paintings are easy to maintain. You just need to wipe the dust with a damp cloth from time to time.

-Which of your works is your favorite?

– I love every job. I especially like Hutsul ornaments and the combinations of rich colors in them.

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— What night light with stained glass painting do you use?

– I made it for myself and turn on a night light with cockerels every evening. According to popular belief, they are a symbol of the victory of good over evil.

— Valentina, what are you working on now?

— Above the night lights with Easter eggs ornaments. Our traditions, culture – everything is amazing. We should not forget this and transfer traditional beauty to modern times.

Previously, FACTS published an interview with master Svetlana Ivashchenko, who revealed the secrets of creating beauty: “It is handmade beads that give jewelry uniqueness.”

Photo from Valentina Kulpinova’s album



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