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Half a million is not needed: Syrsky assessed the needs for mobilization

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The tension in society that mobilization by “forceful methods” leads to may not be entirely justified, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine revised the need for mobilization after an audit of certain units – the figure will be significantly less than 500 thousand.

This was stated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Syrsky, in an interview with the state agency Ukrinform.

“After reviewing our internal resources and clarifying the combat strength of the Armed Forces, this figure was significantly reduced. We expect that we will have enough people capable of defending the Motherland. We are talking not only about mobilized people, but also about volunteers.”– said Syrsky, answering a question about the figure of 500 thousand, which was mentioned earlier.

According to him, the number of certain units not participating in hostilities is now being reviewed based on an audit of their activities. “This allowed us to release thousands of troops and send them to combat units,” he said.


As you know, the figure of 500 thousand was first mentioned by President Vladimir Zelensky. During a press conference on December 19, 2023, he said that the General Staff had made a request to mobilize an additional 450-500 thousand Ukrainians. After this, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the first bill on strengthening mobilization. The second version of the Cabinet of Ministers’ bill on mobilization is currently being considered in parliament. At the same time, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal said in March that there is currently no need to mobilize 500 thousand Ukrainians into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Let us recall that during the interview, Alexander Syrsky also commented on the dismissal of Valery Zalezhny.


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Author: Yulia LUGOVA, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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