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Don’t throw away banana peels: two ways to prepare fertilizer for orchids at home

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Instead of throwing away banana peels, use them to strengthen and fertilize your plants at home! You will make one of the best natural fertilizers for orchids. The path to beautiful and healthy flowers is trivially simple. Rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, the peels, turned into an aqueous solution, are the ideal food for your flowers, writes Ogrod wnetrze kuchni.

Banana peels are a true wealth of minerals and organic matter that can provide a valuable, organic and free source of nutrition for your plants. They contain large amounts of potassium and phosphorus. Plus, you’ll find magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and silicic acid, which provide additional health benefits to your plants. Preparing fertilizer from banana skins is simple. You can do it in two ways.

The first method: put banana peels in a large jar and fill them with water (it is advisable to cut them into smaller pieces in advance). Then leave the jar closed overnight (you can leave the jar much longer, like 2 weeks, just remember to open and stir the water every now and then) to create a liquid banana fertilizer. Then simply water the plants and dispose of the peels in the compost or appropriate trash container.

Method two: Blend banana peels to make a nutrient-rich banana smoothie for your plants. With such a cocktail, nutrients will be more available to the plants, and this will promote rapid decomposition of the peel. Then simply sprinkle it all onto the soil around the plants and gently mix the soil into the fertilizer. This solution is much better suited for garden plants.


There are many benefits to using this type of natural fertilizer. It is not only economical, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional store-bought drugs. Using a diluted banana peel solution can promote better plant growth, enhance plant resistance and improve appearance.

It may happen that banana peel fertilizer will begin to attract insects over time. Then you should start diluting it with 5 parts of water.


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Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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