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“Now you remind me of Gladiator again”: Russell Crowe delighted fans with his transformation

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Recently Russell Crowe showed himself overweight and with a thick beard. Now the actor has presented a visual transformation, which has delighted his fans.

The role of General Maximus in the film Gladiator became one of the most successful for Russell Crowe and brought him an Oscar for Best Actor in 2001. However, little remains of the muscular Roman he played more than 20 years ago.

In recent years, Russell Crowe has appeared on screen with much more weight and a beard. In 2018, the actor adopted this image for the role of a Baptist preacher in the film “Boy Erased” and remained so. The gray beard even became his new calling card.

But all this is already behind us. Russell Crowe suddenly showed up clean-shaven again. The actor announced this on Twitter (X) and posted a selfie.


“I shaved for the first time since 2019,” – he wrote.

The 59-year-old actor only has slight stubble. He wears glasses and has short, slicked-back hair. Fans are delighted with his transformation. They shower him with compliments in the comments. “You have such a beautiful face hidden behind all that hair,” “Wow!” You look 20 years younger” or “I barely recognized you, but now you remind me of Gladiator again” – fans write.

It is not known for certain for which film he said goodbye to his thick beard. In the near future, the Hollywood star will appear in front of the camera, in particular, in the action film “The Beast in Me.” And in the historical film “Nuremberg” he plays the Nazi Hermann Goering.


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Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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