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“Mask shows continue despite the established business council and the decision of the National Security and Defense Council,” a sociologist about the searches of the Sinevo office by the DBI

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The DBR in Ukraine continues to conduct groundless searches of businesses, while the creation of a business council and the personal intervention of President Vladimir Zelensky in the problem of pressure from security forces on business led to nothing.

In Ukraine during the war, the State Bureau of Investigation continues to put pressure on entrepreneurs, because they are sure that nothing will happen to them for this. Why, instead of following European values ​​and acting within the framework of legal norms, security forces in Ukraine prefer mask shows and continue to create nightmares for ordinary entrepreneurs? Writes about this sociologist, paratrooper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Shtepa in the author’s column “Manifestos don’t work, or why is the DBR again causing a nightmare for business in Ukraine?”

“No sooner had social networks cooled down from the scandalous searches of Igor Mazepa’s company than on February 27, the DBI again “visited” the business with searches. And what’s interesting is that such mask shows take place all the time, when President Vladimir Zelensky goes on a business trip abroad. So it is this time. The State Bureau of Investigation seized the building of the head office and central laboratory of Sinevo in Kyiv. Of course, the arrest, as reported by the company, is absolutely groundless and illegal, and as a result of the actions of the DBR, the company will be forced to cease activities in this building, and this will actually lead to a complete shutdown of the Sinevo laboratory network in Ukraine, and 300 thousand patients will be left without services . modern laboratory diagnostics”, – says Sergei Shtepa’s column.

According to him, the criminal proceedings, in which the DBI seized the building, are being conducted over the alleged illegal withdrawal of real estate from state ownership in the period from 2016 to 2021. However, this criminal proceeding has nothing to do with either the international Medicover group (which actually owns a network of laboratories) or the building that belongs to it, which has been seized. After all, the international group Medicover bought the building back in 2010 from individuals.


“That is, again the same favorite methods of the DBI: to create criminal proceedings, which in fact do not correspond to reality in any way. And all in order to “shake up” the business. A similar story happened a month ago with businessman Igor Mazepa, who was accused of illegally transferring the land of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station into private ownership,” – says Shtepa.

In his opinion, loud statements by high-ranking officials, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council and the creation of the Council for Supporting Entrepreneurship under Martial Law, which occurred immediately after the scandalous searches of Igor Mazepa’s company, unfortunately did not lead to positive results, because the DBR continues to organize mask shows for business in Ukraine.


“The DBR has again staged a mask show and is putting pressure on the same white and transparent business, the solution to whose problems Vladimir Zelensky announced. Now the well-known modern network of Sinevo laboratories has become a victim of pressure. Of course, such extremely, to put it mildly, ugly events cannot happen on their own. There is an active discussion behind the scenes that the search plan to put pressure on business is being drawn up by Deputy Prosecutor General Anton Voitenko, who, according to authoritative sources, is a man of the famous Oleg Tatarov. Of course, the current director of the SBI, Alexei Sukhachev, who was once fired from the Prosecutor General’s Office for ignorance of the law, is also interested in the masquerade against legal business,” – notes the author of the column. He adds: during a war and with a frantic outflow of investment, it is completely unclear who dares to create problems for business, taxpayers, those people, enterprises that pay taxes to the state budget, help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and displaced people, and provide jobs.

“A legal European state is not just about holding meetings and proclaiming loud slogans; these are not forums where PR statements are made. The rule of law means, in particular, the protection of the economy from the illegal actions of arrogant security forces. And in this matter, the authorities, unfortunately, are still playing along with those who act outside the framework of the law,” – the expert is sure.


Let us remind you that on February 27, employees of the DBR came to search the office of the Sinevo Ukraine company. Sinevo Ukraine has already stated that the company will soon be forced to cease the activities of its head office and central laboratory. This will lead to a complete shutdown of the company’s laboratories in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the founder of Concorde Capital, businessman Igor Mazepa, complains about pressure from the security forces. According to him, the DBI seized seals, electronic keys, and licenses of companies that had nothing to do with the case.


Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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