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After the spring warmth in Ukraine there is a cold snap: when and where will the 14-degree frost hit

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The warm, almost spring weather that settled in Ukraine at the beginning of this week will soon be replaced by cold weather, and at the end of the seven-day period by severe frosts.

Forecaster Natalya Ptukha warned that air currents containing a southern component will be replaced by northwestern ones and will then even turn into northeastern ones, and the wind speed will be 7-12 m/s. This will cause a significant cooling, writes NV.

According to her forecasts, the most intense frost is expected in the northeast at night on February 17: -8…-14 degrees.

On February 13 it will still be quite warm, there will be rain throughout almost all of Ukraine except the south and southeast. The temperature during the day is +8…+13 degrees, in the western and northern regions it is cooler – during the day +5…+10 degrees, and in the Carpathians, in the highlands of the Carpathians, the temperature during the day will rise no higher than +5 degrees.


On Wednesday, February 14, during the day +1…+7 degrees, only in the southern and eastern parts it is slightly warmer: in the daytime it can be +8…+13.

On February 14-15, in addition to the west and east, light rain is possible, even with sleet in the central and northern regions.


Starting from February 15, temperatures in Ukraine are expected to drop by an average of 4-7 degrees compared to previous gradations.

On February 16, the night temperature in the eastern and northern regions was -5…-11 degrees, on February 17 in the north and northeast it was -14 degrees. During the day -2…-8 degrees.


“In the rest of the territory at this time the temperature will also drop, but not so much: at night – 0…-6 below zero, on February 17 the central regions will also join the cold snap – here -3…-9 can be at night, and in the daytime from -4 to +2″, – she noted and added that severe frosts will not affect most of the western regions and the extreme south of the country – during the day at the end of the week +1…+7 is expected.

On Friday, February 16, there will be light snow in the northern and central regions, sleet and rain in the southern part, and the rest of the territory without significant precipitation. In general, there will be little precipitation this week, especially in the second part.

According to forecasts of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, after the weekend the frosts are expected to weaken, and again the temperature may rise to positive values, or at least to zero.

“If we talk about the Kiev region, then on February 13 there was moderate rain at night, light rain during the day, fog at night and in the morning. Temperature at night is +5…+7, and during the day +7…+9. February 14 light rain, day and night +3…+5. And on February 15, the region is expected to experience light rain with sleet or even sleet, because from the 15th there will be a drop in temperature, around zero degrees during the day, wind of 7-12 m/s,” – the weather forecaster predicts and adds:“And if on February 16 there will still be snow in the region, then on February 17 there will be no significant precipitation. The temperature at night on February 16 will be -3…-5, on February 17 -5…-7, and in the daytime it will be 1-3 degrees below zero.”

Previously, Vera Balabukh, head of the department of applied meteorology and climatology at the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, predicted that the temperature of all three winter months would exceed the climate norm of the last 30 years by 2-3 degrees.

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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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