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Alarming: Russians may “celebrate” the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine with a massive missile strike, – Gumenyuk

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Head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine Natalya Gumenyuk does not rule out that the Russians, who constantly attack Ukraine from the air, may organize another massive missile attack on the second anniversary of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine. And not necessarily February 24th.

As UNIAN reports, she spoke about this during the telethon, noting that the enemy constantly keeps the Ukrainian Defense Forces in suspense.

“This cannot be ruled out. Analytics also indicate that this will not necessarily be tied to a specific date. We observed the time of the full-scale invasion, understanding our analytics, the enemy is also doing his own, and is trying to create the effect of a certain surprise,” – she noted and cited as an example enemy attacks that took place on the eve of Easter or after significant dates, when a certain “relaxation of society” occurred.

According to Natalya Gumenyuk, Russian troops currently have a total of up to 60 Caliber missiles: “The situation at sea remains quite stable. The enemy continues to maneuver a naval group in the Black Sea of ​​five to seven units. Their number varies, since the insertion and removal of launch vehicles also occurs virtually throughout the day. If yesterday we observed three missile carriers on combat duty: two frigates and a small missile ship, now we see that only a small missile ship remains – and these are 8 Caliber-type missiles, ready for use.”


She emphasized that Ukraine understands very well where on the occupied peninsula there may be a redeployment of invaders: “The occupier understands that we are aware of these locations. Therefore, they are constantly undergoing maneuvers in order to find new sites for storing ammunition, to reformat any technical maintenance equipment, to re-equip equipment, to transport and redistribute personnel and weapons. In addition, they have a very painful issue – ensuring the protection of this entire “military hub”, since their air defense is somewhat damaged and the system is no longer so coherent.”

Let us recall that recently the invaders have begun to more often use not only missiles from North Korea, but also their own developments – the X-69, Zircon, and Grom-E1 missiles – to attack peaceful Ukrainian cities.


Illustrative photo of the National Police



Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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