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“Right today, an entire era is becoming history,” Berlinskaya on Zaluzhny’s departure

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Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, whose dismissal was reported in the Office of the President, is, without exaggeration, a personality on a global scale. “I can say this as a person who saw him personally, first of all, as a second and brother. Not through the prism of the media,” said Maria Berlinskaya, a military officer and director of the Aerointelligence Support Center.

“We worked closely all this time, saw each other quite often on key work processes, – wrote Maria Berlinskaya. – I checked all strategic projects to strengthen the army with him personally. Training in technology, analytics, weapons advocacy, development of the robotic systems industry, etc. I saw the Commander-in-Chief in different periods of the war, in different, including the most difficult situations, I saw how decisions that were decisive for all of us were made. I still remember our conversation a few months before the invasion. That’s how it all turned out. Much cannot be told for a long time, perhaps, if I live, I will describe it in some memoirs. But now I can say with full responsibility – it was the best Civil Code in the history of the country. And the decision on the appointment was one of the best personnel decisions of the president. And vice versa.

How do I remember him during the first years of the invasion? Every time, as far as I remember, I greeted him with a warm, brotherly smile: “Hello, sister! How are you?

Exceptional kindness, the will to always tell the truth, even when only “good news” is expected from you, the courage to stand up for ordinary military personnel, your soldiers and officers, in spite of everything.

Brilliant strategic vision, the ability to capture the big picture and look far beyond the horizon.”


Simplicity in communication, adds Berlinska, is about Zaluzhny, he spoke at ease with everyone, without looking at rank or position.

“Could easily be in touch with ordinary soldiers and sergeants. Sharpness of thinking and a subtle sense of humor. Discipline, exactingness, fairness.


Humanity. He felt pain for every loss. He understood and often went through this pain together with his loved ones and supported the families of the victims. I had the honor of learning a lot in the process of working together at the Group of Companies. I saw how titanically difficult it was in those conditions, with those forces and means, with those geopolitical decisions to withstand the blow. We were millimeters away from complete chaos, terror and loss of statehood. He was one of several who strategically held the situation together. Having done everything possible, and most importantly, the impossible.

Having made it so that some did not even notice the scale of the disaster, and some still successfully do not notice. A few days ago, introducing me to Vadim Sukharevsky, GK said something like the following: You probably know, this is Maria of Berlin, the mother of our unmanned aircraft. The person who once created this for us, and now continues to develop it on a very large scale. You should definitely work with her, stay in touch.” In general, I take both criticism and praise calmly. However, for the second time in two years of full-scale war I felt so humanly pleased. For the first time, when my brothers came up to me at the front line to take a photo, sign the flag, and at the end they said: “What you did saved our lives.” What he did saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”


According to the military, the country should do only two things – thank its general and carry out what he systematically embodied.

“We are focusing on technology, all resources in training people and developing robotic systems. This is our only chance. Right now an entire era is becoming history. Honor!” – wrote Maria Berlinskaya.

Let us remind you that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky appointed Colonel General Alexander Syrsky as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Valery Zaluzhny told his circle what he would do after his resignation.

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Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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