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Add cow dung and bird droppings, and cucumbers will give birth by centners

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No matter how small the garden or garden plot is, there is always a place for cucumbers. Experienced housewives will definitely find time to make a few jars of cucumbers for the winter. Indeed, why not buy them at insane prices in the supermarket, when, with minimal care and observance of agricultural technology, you can grow an excellent crop? And only organic fertilizers can be used as fertilizers, writes thumbgarden.com.

Ash contains a large amount of phosphorus and potassium, necessary for a well-developed root system and a sufficient amount of greenery. In addition to the main elements, ash contains about 30 useful compounds, such as magnesium and manganese. Sodium in its composition also acts as a catalyst, allowing plants to better absorb nutrients. Potassium is most abundant in the ashes of young hardwood trees and in the leaves. Spruce ash is rich in calcium, and oak ash is rich in phosphorus.

Fertilize cucumbers with ashes during growth and fruiting. Water the plants with the ash solution every 2 weeks. The technology of its preparation is very simple. Prepared firewood, chopped branches, vines, leaves, as well as rowan berries are put in a bucket and carefully burned. In an open space, they will burn faster, but there is a risk of fire due to flying sparks and half of the valuable ingredients will be blown away by the wind during cooling.

Ashes are best stored in jars or boxes with lids. Do not collect in airtight bags or jars, condensation may form and the fertilizer will lose most of its beneficial properties.

Before planting, cucumber seeds are soaked in an ash solution to increase immunity and germination. When planting, the ash is mixed with soil and added to the bottom of the hole. Sometimes, for a longer effect, 2 tablespoons of fertilizer are poured into the root zone of the plant, and then watered in the usual way.

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Cow dung and bird droppings – Using this type of organic fertilizer works very well. Cow dung can be immediately diluted with water, and bird droppings must be “burned”, it is very aggressive, and very carefully water the plants with its solution in a ratio of 1:10.

To make the mixture ready for use, fill the raw material with water and let it ferment for several days in sunny weather.

When applying chicken or cow manure, apply it only under the roots of the bushes and avoid applying it to the leaves. Cucumbers respond well to manure application. Such a fertilizer does not affect the taste and smell of ripe fruits, especially when the branches are tied to the wallpaper. This special fertilizer for cucumbers is used when grown in greenhouses and open ground.

Do not use pig manure. It has a high percentage of ammonia compounds that can burn the root system.

Rinsing with a decoction of onion peel not only restores color and elasticity to the hair, but also heals the scalp. It contains all the elements necessary for good growth and development of cucumber tops. The tool strengthens the plant as a prophylactic against diseases and pests. The infusion is prepared in a cold way by fermentation. It is enough to insist 5 liters of water and 20 grams of dried onion peel for 5 days. It is suitable for spraying with water every 14 days.

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Author: Victoria MIKITYUK

Source: Fakty

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