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Death associated with military service: what you need to know about “death not on the battlefield”

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Recently, FACTS wrote that family members of fallen soldiers and police officers may receive another monetary compensation. But establishing a connection with the performance of military service duties is the most important factor in recording the death of a serviceman. Death can be of three “types”:

  • associated with the defense of the Motherland,

  • associated with the performance of military service duties,

  • associated with military service.

It is this wording that determines the posthumous status, the amount of benefits and the amount of payments for a military family, explains the Lawyer’s Advice community.

If an employee received fatal injuries in combat, this is a death associated with the defense of the Motherland. Many deaths occur not from enemy defeats, but directly from military service.

A soldier is considered to have been in the performance of military service duties, while on the territory of a military unit, while executing the orders of the commander, on a business trip, etc.


Death associated with military service” is a formulation used when an event occurs outside a military unit, during off-duty hours and in the absence of signs of compliance with the commander’s orders.

At the same time, if they fall into these conditions by order of the commander, the military family has the right to benefits and payments that are provided to the deceased precisely while performing the duties of military service.”


It should be remembered that the signs of fulfilling the duties of military service compared to undergoing military service have minor differences, but the results, on the contrary, differ significantly.

Make sure that evidence is not distorted during the preparation of official documentation. Family members of the deceased have the right to


  • familiarization with the results of the commissions’ activities, rights to receive documentation (including remotely),
  • requesting evidence and appealing official findings.

Control over the correctness of the conclusions rests only with the relatives of the deceased. Unfortunately, the state is not interested in providing such a number of benefits and millions to the families of the victims, if only because of a complete lack of funds in the budget.”

Previously it was reported about the payment of 15 million for the deceased defender – which relatives can receive and how long to wait.


Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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