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Grief again: a famous Ukrainian actor died in the war

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After the tragic news of the death of actor Vasily Kukharsky after being seriously wounded, the film community lost another brother-in-arms. Actor Andrei Pavlenko died in the war. His wife Daria Orekhova reported this.

“War spares no one. War takes away our loved ones! The war took Andrei Pavlenko. I will announce the day of farewell to Andrey in due course! I will miss you very much, my love.” – Orekhova wrote on Facebook.

Friends and colleagues express their condolences to the family. Actress Victoria Bilan, whose husband Vladimir Raschuk also defends the country from Russian invaders, asked for support for the family.


“And again grief, again terrible news. Before we had time to recover from the loss of Vasya Kukharsky, the terrible news arrived about the death of actor Andrei Pavlenko… Where to get words of support, how to put them into a sentence when you understand that this will not help in any way and will not bring the person back. I just want to scream furiously. A terrible disaster for the family, wife, children.”– Victoria wrote on Instagram.


Andrei Pavlenko starred in the following films: “The Female Doctor”, “Letter of Waiting”, “The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno”, “The Passion of Chapai”, “Werewolf in Uniform”, “Photo for Documents”, “Sashka”, “1941” and others.

In an interview with FACTS, Vladimir Raschuk explained why he went to fight and what struck him during the war.


We also reported that actor Yevgeny Svetlichny, who played in Oleg Sentsov’s film “Rhinoceros,” died in the war.

photo: instagram.com/vikki.bilan


Author: Alexander LESCHENKO, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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