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“This is a signal to all traitors”: photos and videos of the SBU from the scene of the liquidation of ex-People’s Deputy Kiva appeared online

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Videos and photos from the scene of the liquidation of former people’s deputy Ilya Kiva, who fled to Russia and was convicted in absentia in Ukraine, in particular, for treason, were posted online.

According to the Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine, the unique special operation of the SBU was prepared for a long time and was successfully implemented by the Security Service.

Photo Operational Armed Forces
Photo Operational Armed Forces

“In the footage, the body of the criminal Kiva lies in the snow, and blood stains can be seen near him. Separately, the exclusive video shows the observation post where the traitor was awaiting his well-deserved punishment. By the way, not far from this place Kiva often filmed his numerous anti-Ukrainian videos,” – the message says.


According to sources in the Security Service of Ukraine, the fugitive former deputy was one of the priority targets, he was “led” for a long time, his movement routes, daily routine and habits were studied in detail. With the rest, despite serious security, he was liquidated near Moscow.


Earlier, the SBU stated that the liquidation of Ilya Kiva was an operation of the Ukrainian special service.

Photo “Operational Armed Forces”


Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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