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The National Police spoke about the liquidation of the hacker group: the first details of the operation

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Operatives of the Cyber ​​Police Department, together with investigators from the Main Investigation Department of the National Police, conducted a multi-level special operation to neutralize an organized criminal group, which for five years, using encryption viruses, carried out attacks on the servers of the world’s leading companies. Members of the hacker demanded millions in cryptocurrency payments for decrypting the information.

Attackers have attacked the world’s most powerful companies in France, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA since 2018. As a result of many months of painstaking work, Ukrainian law enforcement officers, with the assistance of colleagues from the United States, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and France, identified the 32-year-old leader of the hacker group and his four active accomplices“, – noted Head of the Cyber ​​Police Department Yuri Vykhodets.

Previously, attackers hacked into the accounts of employees of a victim company using information from open sources and social engineering methods. From the assigned accounts, hackers distributed malicious software code throughout the corporate ecosystem. Thus, the attackers gained access to the servers and stole information from them.

After this, the data on the victims’ computers was encrypted and became unusable. Members of an international group of hackers demanded millions in cryptocurrency payments for decrypting information.


For example, in order to resume the work of the servers of one of the leading chemical companies in the Netherlands, the attackers ordered to transfer 450 BTC (bitcoins) to a controlled cryptogaman, which is the equivalent of 48 million hryvnia.

The men developed and updated malicious software, carried out hacker attacks, looked for so-called drops with cryptogamists to receive a ransom, and distributed the “earnings” among other members of the group.


It was established that over several years of criminal activity, the attackers encrypted more than 1,000 servers of global enterprises and caused damage amounting to more than 3 billion hryvnia in terms of national currency.

More than 20 law enforcement officers from Norway, France, Germany and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived in the capital to neutralize the criminal group and analyze digital data. In the Netherlands, Europol created a special working group and a VCP (Virtual Command Post) for the immediate analysis of information obtained during investigative actions in Ukraine.


With the force support of the special forces unit TOR, law enforcement officers conducted more than 30 authorized searches in the premises and cars of the defendants in the Kyiv region, as well as in the Cherkassy, ​​Rivne and Vinnytsia regions.

As part of the investigation, computer equipment, cars, bank and SIM cards, “draft” records, as well as dozens of electronic storage media and other evidence of illegal activities were seized. In particular, almost 4 million hryvnia and cryptocurrency assets.

Investigations are ongoing to establish the whereabouts of other members of the group.

Earlier, FACTS reported the death of the famous hacker Kevin Mytnik.


Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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