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Another assistance program for war victims has been launched in Ukraine: who is concerned and what needs to be done

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In Ukraine, where by the end of November Ukrainians whose homes were damaged due to the war should receive the first payments on already processed applications in the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property, the RestoraviDOM program is operating.

The organizers’ website describes in detail the algorithm for how condominiums should act in order to receive financial assistance.

Thus, at the first stage, an inspection of an apartment building damaged as a result of hostilities should take place and a technical inspection report should be obtained. The second step is making a decision on participation in the program at a meeting of the co-owners of the house.

Next, the designer, commissioned by the condominium association, must draw up design solutions with estimates, on the basis of which the contract price will be calculated and an agreement will be concluded with the contractor. If the estimated cost of construction exceeds 300 thousand hryvnia, and during martial law – 1 million hryvnia, an examination and a positive report from an expert organization of state ownership is needed.


The condominium must select a contractor or supplier of materials and equipment, conclude the appropriate agreements, and also select a partner bank and open an account in it to which the Fund will send the grant, as well as submit an application for its receipt.

An application for participation in the RestoraviDOM program can be submitted online by email [email protected] or in paper form (mail, courier delivery, etc.) to the Fund.


“The grant is paid by the Foundation within 15 working days from the moment the condominiums send the Foundation’s notification of approval of the grant application. The grant must be used by the condominium association exclusively to finance the costs associated with the implementation of eligible measures: the purchase of materials and equipment and payment for construction work provided for in the grant application,” — the Fund noted and noted that changing the contractor after receiving the first tranche of the grant is prohibited.

The second tranche of the grant is paid by the Fund within 15 working days from the moment the condominiums send a message about approval of the application for completion of work.


Let us remind you that co-owners of destroyed houses can now receive compensation for property destroyed by the Russians under the Restoration program. The corresponding application can be submitted through Action.

Illustrative photo from the Dnepropetrovsk OVA page


Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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