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Scorpios and Pisces are waiting for important meetings that will change their lives: horoscope for November 29, 2023

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Astrologers, who predict success for the five zodiac signs at the end of the last autumn month, consider Wednesday, November 29, a day when you should not succumb to sadness, despite the prevailing circumstances. This can only strengthen negative trends. Today is a good day to declare your love or propose marriage.


If you were planning to start some complex business today, then get ready for unexpected problems and difficulties. It is better to devote the day to familiar work. It is better to reschedule business meetings to another time. Distribute your strength, do not overload yourself, informs Ukr.Media.



Today’s events will bring Taurus interesting opportunities and a chance to improve their well-being. Be active, try to control the situation and don’t waste your energy. Spend more time with people who inspire you or suggest the right decisions.



In your work, rely on logic, act rationally and carefully. Emotions can get in the way of Geminis and provoke them to make unnecessary mistakes. The stars advise on November 29 to take an observational position and not interfere in what is happening. Take care of your health, join the gym, walk more.



Give priority to activities that bring you joy and lift your spirits. Cancers need to try to get positive emotions from everything they do. However, you should not look for adventures and get involved in dubious stories in order to avoid troubles.

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Your charm will open many doors today and allow you to establish contacts with the right and important people. Avoid unnecessary conversations, communicate only on business and do not waste precious time. In a difficult situation, turn to friends and colleagues for help: they will not refuse you.


Your energy will be at a high level in the afternoon, so schedule all important meetings or tasks for the evening. Many things or people keep you from moving forward: November 29 is a good day to get rid of ballast and make room for something new and interesting.


Prepare for the fact that you will have to change plans and act in accordance with new circumstances. Choose the job that you do best, do familiar things. In order not to be distracted from important issues, limit communication and spend time alone.


There is a chance today that you will meet a person who will change your life and influence future events. A good day to take care of your health, strengthen your immune system, and go to the gym. Your loved ones need you: spend more time together, do some homework together.


Increased tension and irritation will prevent Sagittarius from making informed decisions and correctly assessing the situation. Communication with professional people and their advice will help you in your future work and protect you from unnecessary mistakes. Spend the evening with close friends.


The stars are sure that today is a good day for reconciliation and resolving old conflicts. Find compromise solutions and save valuable relationships. Clean the house, sort out old things and get rid of everything unnecessary. Show your loved one how much you value them.


The day is expected to be busy and busy, so you need a clear plan. Set priorities and distribute your energy throughout the day. If you experience too much opposition in your work, put it off until later: now you don’t have enough resources to implement it.


Today Pisces may have a very important meeting that will affect their life. Accept the invitation and get to know each other more. It is better to postpone all changes: now is not the best time to change or experiment with anything. Make plans, dream, visualize what you want to achieve it faster.

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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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