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You can drive without a driver’s license without fear of a fine: lawyers tell who this concerns

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Driving a vehicle without the necessary documents and licenses by Ukrainian drivers can result in fines. However, there is a category of drivers who cannot be fined for this, writes “Road Lawyer”.

Often, owners of popular scooters and kick scooters in Ukraine face problems due to the lack of appropriate licenses and registration certificates. According to the law, driving a scooter by a person who does not have the appropriate certificate is subject to a fine of 3,400 UAH.

Repeated violation may result in a fine of UAH 40,800. and deprivation of the right to drive for several years.

It is also important to consider that failure to register a scooter may result in a fine of 850 UAH. and the possibility of detaining the vehicle. However, the defining point is the definition of a scooter as a “power-driven vehicle”. According to the law, such a vehicle is considered to be a vehicle with an electric motor with a power of more than 3 kW or an engine capacity of less than 50 cubic meters. cm.


If the scooter’s power is less than 3 kW, it is not considered a power-driven vehicle and does not require appropriate documents. Therefore, it is important to understand the classification of your vehicle and have arguments to justify your position to the police, if necessary.

Previously, FACTS wrote that a moped driver could be fined almost 41 thousand hryvnia for this.



Author: Ivan MOZGOVOY, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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