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People’s Deputy tried to bribe an official with bitcoins: details and photos from NABU

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Recently, in Kyiv, an official from the Antimonopoly Committee was detained, who was collecting “tribute” from entrepreneurs, but for now it is reported that a current people’s deputy of Ukraine was detained for attempting to bribe a high-ranking official.

According to NABU, together with the SAPS, a number of crimes related to the restoration of Ukraine were exposed. Thus, a people’s deputy of Ukraine, a member of the anti-corruption policy committee, offered the chairman of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development an undue benefit in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the equivalent of 50 thousand dollars. USA.

Photo by NABU

In exchange for money, the people’s deputy asked for assistance in obtaining funds from the fund for liquidating the consequences of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation for the repair of an infrastructure facility under his control.


Photo by NABU

“After the allocation of funds from the fund, the cryptogamanian whistleblower-top official received the first tranche of undue benefits in the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars. USA. This is the first illegal gain in cryptocurrency in the history of anti-corruption authorities that has been documented,” – the message says.


The SAP adds that they were talking about the allocation of funds for the renovation of university buildings, in which the people’s representative continues to hold the position of rector (whose contract was suspended) and the proposed amount of undue benefit should be 8% of the funding.

The anti-corruption bureau usually does not name the names of those detained. However, information has already appeared on the Internet about the person who offered unlawful benefits.


Thus, people’s deputy Alexei Gocharenko reports that the head of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development, Mustafa Nayema, tried to bribe the “servant of the people” Andrei Odarchenko. The detention and presentation of the suspicion took place under the building of the Anti-Corruption Policy Committee, where a meeting was held with the participation of the NABU leadership.

Odarchenko is a People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 9th convocation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Management of Trade, Entrepreneurship and Customs Activities of the Kharkov State University of Nutrition and Trade.

Goncharenko also reports that searches are continuing at the people’s deputy of Ukraine Sergei Labazyuk (“For the Future”) and the “servant of the people” Vladimir Kozak.

Earlier it was reported that law enforcement officers suspect “servant of the people” Anatoly Gunko and his two accomplices of receiving unlawful benefits.

Photo by NABU


Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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