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An excellent side dish for meat: pumpkin puree from the star of “Master Chef”

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It’s not for nothing that pumpkin is called the “king of autumn”, because you can prepare many dishes from it. This is not only a fragrant cream soup, but also, for example, pumpkin pancakes – potato pancakes with pumpkin.

And the judge of the show “Master Chef” suggested that followers prepare mashed potatoes – a good side dish for meat and a “treasury of benefits.” “This dish will fill your home with aroma and comfort, and your body with a lot of useful microelements,” – says Hector Jimenez-Bravo and shares a recipe for pumpkin puree in pumpkin.


  • Pumpkin – 1 piece;

  • Medium potatoes – 2 pcs;

  • Garlic – 1 piece;

  • Oil – 30 ml;

  • Paprika – 5 g;

  • Thyme – 4 sprigs;

  • Rosemary – 4 sprigs;

  • Diced pumpkin – 200 g;

  • Salt – to taste;

  • Mozzarella cheese – 150 g;

  • Hard cheese – 100 g;

  • Cream raw material – 100 g;

  • Dried onion – 5 g;

  • Fried bacon – 30 g.



  • Cut the pumpkin into 2 parts, remove the seeds.

  • Place on a baking sheet, fill with chopped pumpkin, pour over oil, sprinkle with paprika and salt.

  • Prick the potatoes and wrap them in foil, brush the garlic with the top cut off with vegetable oil. Bake for 40-60 minutes at 180 until the pumpkin is ready. If necessary, finish baking the potatoes.

  • Make a puree from pumpkin cubes and potatoes, add cottage cheese, dried onions, cream cheese and mix.

  • Stuff the pumpkin with filling, sprinkle hard cheese on top, bake in the oven at maximum temperature until golden brown.

  • Serve with fried bacon.

Read the recipe for pumpkin bread from chef Magdalena Shershun on our website.

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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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