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Monday, December 11, 2023

“Then I couldn’t explain anything to them”: Kuchma explained why, after 20 years, he decided to “update” his book “Ukraine is not Russia”

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President of Ukraine (1994-2005) Leonid Kuchma, who 20 years ago wrote the book “Ukraine is not Russia,” repeated this phrase again after the large-scale invasion: “Ukraine is not Russia. And it will never become Russia.”

And now he presented the book “Ukraine is not Russia. Twenty years later,” writes Interfax-Ukraine.

“20 years ago, I wanted to explain, using examples they (Russians – Author) could understand, why we are different nations, why Ukraine is not Russia. Why should they leave us alone if they are not capable of equal relationships, of friendship. But the shameful joy with which the majority of Russians perceived Putin’s invasion showed that it was in vain that I tried to explain something to them then,” – Leonid Kuchma said at the presentation and added that all the good words about Russia that were once spoken were burned by Russia itself.

He noted that he did not intend to republish the book, but this decision arose after the Russians hit a residential building in the Dnieper in January 2023, and in one of the photographs he saw his book damaged by fire.


“I looked at the photo and mentally wished that the unfamiliar reader of my book in the house in which it was located would survive from this hell. And also… I thought, what was on those pages, what was in those lines that Russia burned… Suddenly I thought that there was exactly what I wrote to the Russians, when I still believed that something else could be done with them It’s okay to talk, to explain something to them. And now it’s burned out, that’s all. It was then that I decided to republish the book,” – said Kuchma.

Leonid Kuchma emphasized that today it is clear to him that country Z will never achieve anything at all. At least for now it remains “country Z”…


Previously, the second president of Ukraine did not rule out that an aggressor country could use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Photo “Interfax-Ukraine”



Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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