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For Scorpios – clues from fate, for Pisces – gratitude from management, for Virgos – solutions to problems: a horoscope for the day of the mysterious Beauty Tigress.

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Many Ukrainians believe that only Tarot cards can tell the truth about upcoming events.

At the same time, among our fellow citizens there are many who are ready to trust the forecasts of specialists in Eastern astrology. And of course they know that in Asian countries November 16 is considered the day of the Mysterious Tiger or Tigress.

Residents of Asia believe that somewhere deep in the jungles of Vietnam or Thailand lives the mysterious Beauty Tigress, who on November 16 comes out to people and offers them her help: to ward off evil spirits or tax officials from their homes, to give advice on treating children or preparing the right dish from plants.


The mysterious Beauty Tigress amazes with her kindness, attentiveness, loyalty and intelligence.

“Today it is important to remain true to your intentions and not deviate from your plans, even if temptations arise. Financial investments today can be profitable and will definitely bring success, although perhaps not immediately.”– advise experts in Eastern astrology.



In turn, lovers of Western traditions believe that November 16 is a great day for open communication with your loved one and friends. They also give advice to representatives of each zodiac sign.


Get ready for a difficult and nervous day, when you will have to solve many unexpected problems. People around them will often irritate Aries, provoke them into quarrels and altercations. You may need to monitor the actions of your family and correct their mistakes.


In complex issues, one should not adhere to stereotypes. Approach all problems innovatively and be imaginative. Taurus will receive vivid emotions from today’s situations. If you don’t understand something, be persistent and ask the right questions: then you will find out the truth.


The day is complex and fruitful. New challenges await in due time, and Gemini will have to make efforts to cope with them. It will also be necessary to resolve household issues and often be distracted by small, unimportant matters. Listen to your family’s advice on November 16, they will help you.


Many things will not go as you planned in the morning. Problems arise in unexpected places, and Cancers have to make a lot of effort to cope with them. Do not manipulate your interlocutors, give in more, otherwise big conflicts cannot be avoided.

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Try to take your time today and do everything thoughtfully and carefully. Also, financial issues need increased attention: review your budget, save more so as not to find yourself in a difficult situation. In communication, be softer, do not try to prove that you are right at all costs.


Watch your words, don’t let your emotions get the better of you. An unexpectedly harsh phrase can ruin a relationship that is dear to you. Schedule the most difficult and important tasks on November 16 for the first half of the day, when the energy level is high. Believe in yourself, and you will be able to resolve any problems.


The stars advise Libra to try to contain their irritation and not get upset again. Many things will not go according to plan and you need to take into account new incidents. Listen to how you feel: chronic diseases can get worse again. Visit a doctor for advice.


Important day. Events will have special meaning and serious consequences for you. Pay attention to the signs of fate, look for hints and directions. Avoid rushing in your work, enjoy the moment. Use your intuition, on November 16, make decisions using your inner feelings.


You will probably have to change plans and reschedule meetings: circumstances will change quickly today. Try to resolve problems as they arise, without putting them off until later. If you have a serious or unpleasant conversation with your loved ones, reschedule it until tomorrow.


An interesting and eventful day awaits you. The stars promise Capricorns bright impressions, new meetings and a good mood. New projects await you at work that you have been waiting for a long time. However, you should not brag about your successes or talents: you may have ill-wishers.


When communicating or working, you should be careful, not take unnecessary risks and control your emotions. Today it is easy for Aquarius to start a quarrel and insult a loved one. A good day to return to past mistakes and try to correct them. Avoid negative people.


Spend more time with close friends or family. New acquaintances will cause you irritation and misunderstanding. Take your work responsibilities seriously, show hard work and diligence: your bosses may highly appreciate your business qualities.

Let us remind you that, according to astrologers, financial takeoff will begin for the three zodiac signs in 2024.


Author: Yulia LUGOVA, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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