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Spring diet: Marina Borzhemskaya advised what to look for

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Popular fitness trainer and expert of the show “Weighted and Happy” Marina Borzhemska, who fascinated many Ukrainians doing exercises for the “fifth point”, decided to recommend Ukrainians how to eat better after a long tiring winter.

“After a difficult winter, our body needs to be taken care of. The best gift for him will be proper nutrition with a daily dose of vitamins and other useful substances.– the coach advises on the Instagram page.

Borzhemskaya listed the main principles of spring nutrition, and also showed several exercises that should be performed in early spring.

The most important rule of spring nutrition is not a restriction, but an expansion of the diet. Foods that were consumed in winter (carrots, beets, cabbage, various frozen vegetables) should continue to be cooked further. But in the spring, fresh herbs should be added to the diet, which will soon begin to appear (for example, add wild garlic, young onions, sorrel, parsley, dill, nettle).

Also, complex carbohydrates containing buckwheat, vegetables, brown rice will not interfere now.

No need to give up cereals, legumes, whole grain bread. In these products, the body draws many useful substances, for example, vegetable protein.

Let nuts, seeds and dried fruits remain true friends until fresh seasonal fruits appear. And add cold-pressed oil to the diet.

The source of vitamins and the basis of immunity are well-known products: poultry meat, eggs, hard cheeses.
In winter and early spring, immunity can deteriorate due to vitamin D deficiency. You need to eat more fish: salmon, tuna, sardines and the like. Fish oil capsules will also help.

The trainer advises to prepare smoothies, which are based on vegetables, herbs, fruits.

Useful birch sap, which normalizes cholesterol and contains many vitamins. But the use of alcohol, trans fats, sugar, carbonated drinks, excess salt, white bread should be limited.

Earlier, Borzhemskaya told what you can eat before training so that it is as effective and complete as possible.

Author: Irina ALEKSEEVA

Source: Fakty

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