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Conducted a rite to Putin’s death: the famous singer “reincarnated” as a shaman

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has caused so much grief and misfortune to our country that the majority of Ukrainians sincerely wish him to face trial in The Hague as soon as possible. Also, no one will feel sorry for Putin, if he goes to the other world at all.

And in order for this day to come sooner, many Ukrainians are ready to turn not only to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also to magicians and other specialists in the occult sciences.

For example, the Ukrainian performer Zlata Ognevich even performed a ritual for the death of Putin, the man who caused Ukrainians so much suffering.

Of course, the rite was playful. The singer shared a video of it on the social network.

In the frame, Ognevich in a white shirt tried on an unusual beaded wreath on her head, picked up a candle and burned a leaf with the inscription: Putin RIP. The performer also added a funny dubbing-meme to the video with the sensational dialogue of the Verkhovinsk fortuneteller Kilina.

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Publication from ZLATA OGNEVICH (@zlata.ognevich)

The singer’s admirers were very pleased with this “rite”, which they wrote about in the comments. Desires were also expressed that “at least it would work”, “the case when all means are good!”, “Let’s unite and do everything”, “We made you laugh, thanks for the good mood”.

Another representative of show business, the wife of the producer of Kvartal 95 and the star of Poltava Anna Salivanchuk also wants the opinions of every Ukrainian about Putin to work. A woman dreams of materializing her wishes to the head of the Kremlin.

Author: Irina ALEKSEEVA

Source: Fakty

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