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Thursday, March 23, 2023

More than 700 invaders, 21 tanks and 23 armored vehicles: the General Staff called the loss of the enemy per day

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The three hundred and eighty-ninth day of the Russian large-scale invasion began. The main efforts of the enemy are focused on attempts to completely capture the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

To achieve its goals, it continues offensive operations in the Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky, Maryinsky and Miners directions. Over the past day, our defenders repulsed 83 attacks on this sector of the front. Bakhmut remains the epicenter of hostilities.

According to the General Staff, over the past day, the Russian Federation continued to use terror tactics against the civilian population of Ukraine. By shelling settlements and critical infrastructure facilities, the enemy completely ignores the laws and customs of war.

Over the past day, the aviation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine has inflicted 10 strikes on the areas of concentration of the occupiers. A Shahed-136 was also shot down, and our missilemen and artillerymen hit 7 enemy personnel and military equipment concentration areas.

As a result of the actions of our military, over the past day the enemy has lost:

– personnel – 164 910 (+710) people,

– tanks – (+21) units,

– armored fighting vehicles – 6853 (+23) units,

– artillery systems – 2568 (+8) units,

– MLRS – 507 (+1) units,

– air defense systems – 268 (+3) units,

– automotive equipment and tankers – 5408 (+4) units,

– special equipment – 262 (+3).

In their comments, the Ukrainians sincerely thank the military for their superhuman efforts at the front and the destruction of the Russian occupiers.

Recall that the well-known American financier George Soros believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken the right tactics to contain the Russians near Bakhmut. Thanks to this, the Ukrainian troops will be able to organize a powerful counterattack when they receive the modern weapons promised to them from the West.

Author: Irina ALEKSEEVA

Source: Fakty

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