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“Do not treat the Armed Forces of Ukraine like a football team”: defender of Ukraine on the expectation of a counteroffensive

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The People’s Deputy, who left to defend Ukraine, urged people to take the talk about the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with responsibility.

“I’m speaking frankly – I’m starting to get annoyed by the fact that from every corner I hear about the “counteroffensive”, – Egor Firsov writes in social networks. – Wherever you open the video or text – everywhere there is “competent” information about the “counteroffensive”.

“Well, will you free Donetsk soon? They said on TV: there will be a counteroffensive in the spring,” a saleswoman at a gas station in Konstantinovka told me yesterday.

You stand there and think what the hell is this? Am I playing football here?

Everyone thinks that a counteroffensive is a must, as was the case in the Kharkiv region, when 150 settlements were sacked almost without loss. But now the situation is different. The enemy drew conclusions, built serious fortified areas, and conducts video surveillance along the entire front line 24 hours a day.

It’s not that I don’t need to liberate territories. I mean that you should not treat the Armed Forces of Ukraine like a football team, encouraging them to fight with applause and slogans.

You have no idea how much effort and sweat it takes to recapture a small landing from the enemy 300 meters from your positions. And for some reason, people perceive the counteroffensive so easily, as if they grabbed a machine gun – “trade yes that” and in kings.

Of course there will be a counteroffensive. But then, when the command sees an opportunity for him and completes serious preparations. Maybe in the spring, maybe in the summer or autumn, or maybe tomorrow.

But if it hadn’t started, we should treat conversations about it with responsibility. Because words form public opinion, and public opinion influences the decisions of politicians, including Western ones. Politicians, in turn, set the task for the military. And if these tasks are dictated by the expectations of the electorate, and not by the capabilities of the army and military expediency, then this is a lot of blood, lives and disappointments … “

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