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“Mysterious NEAT”: what is the essence of the most effective method of losing weight, almost no one uses

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People who want to get rid of extra pounds exhaust themselves with diets and workouts in the gym. But not everyone has willpower.

For those who want to lose weight without effort, the NEAT concept is suitable. This is normal thermogenesis without training. The author of the term and philosophy is Dr. James Levin of the Mayo Clinic, writes marieclaire.

NEAT is all the energy we spend on activities that are not related to sleep, exercise, or food, and includes walking to work, cleaning the apartment, walking the dog, playing with children, and similar activities that a person does on a daily basis.

A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic showed that if a person spends most of the day sitting, then even the result of training in the gym is reset to zero.

Scientists argue that an hour in the gym will only have an effect if the remaining 23 hours are not spent on the couch or in the workplace.

NEAT does not require any additional effort from the person. It is actually a form of light aerobic activity. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and, in a general calorie deficit, is a great way to lose weight.

NEAT includes:
walking. Walking has been proven to increase creativity and problem-solving ability;

climbing stairs. Get in the habit of using the stairs more often – this will help you save time and burn dozens of calories. The load should be gradually increased;

drinking water will also help you get rid of calories;

giving up chairs. If you’re not ready to give up your chair, swap it out for an exercise ball.

smart shopping. In the store, try to take a basket instead of a cart. The extra weight tenses the muscles well and helps to improve the tone of the body.

cleaning of the apartment. The more thoroughly you wipe the dust, wash the floor, the better for your physical form.

walk with the dog This is the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health. You will perfectly practice the skills of a runner.

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Author: Irina ALEKSEEVA

Source: Fakty

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