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You will earn tens of thousands in these competitions. zlotys per month. Companies are looking for cybersecurity experts

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Despite the growing economic crisis, companies in the IT sector are constantly increasing employment and enticing candidates with high salaries.

The IT sector has always been famous for its attractive salaries, but now it has become even more tempting. Despite the general weakening of the market situation following the decline in economic growth, the demand for cybersecurity specialists has not decreased.

The growing importance of this particular sector of the IT industry is the result, among other things, of a host of new problems such as the spread of Internet crime, as well as the increasing frequency of cyber attacks and digital wars waged by Russia or China.

Cybersecurity specialists required

The fastest-growing salaries are for experienced professionals, such as cybersecurity engineer, cloud security engineer, or network security engineer. Currently they range from 20 to 30 thousand. PLN – according to the report “Cybersecurity. Labor market in Poland – 2024.

Although the number of job offers for IT professionals has decreased in 2023, the overall demand for cybersecurity professionals is still huge. The most sought-after specialists include analysts, engineers and architects, especially those with experience in providing comprehensive security using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How much can you earn from cybersecurity?

The authors of the report, taking into account data for 2023, collected rates for all the most popular positions in the industry. In the case of a junior security manager, the candidate can expect an average salary of PLN 22,000–28,000. PLN gross per month; at the average level there are already 29-35 thousand. zloty; and at the highest level 36-42 thousand people. zloty

In the case of employment under a B2B contract, you should expect an hourly rate of PLN 140-180 net per hour for a mid-level position and PLN 180-230 net per hour for the highest position. For management positions, these rates are, of course, correspondingly higher – the CIO can expect up to PLN 38,000–48,000. zloty

These professions will not be replaced by artificial intelligence

It is worth emphasizing that cybersecurity professionals should not worry about their competencies being replaced by tools that use artificial intelligence.

The pace of change in IT requires a new approach to cybersecurity. Not only basic knowledge of technology is required, but also the ability to combine various solutions and communicate with business. – says Marcin Motylski, President and Founder of CloudNG.

The report’s authors expect that incident response specialist job candidates can expect an increase in job offers in 2024. This is mainly due to the almost exponentially growing number of cyber attacks and the need for an immediate, comprehensive response to threats that can appear at any time of the day or night.

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