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Facebook scam. CERT warns against email

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CERT warns of emails from scammers impersonating Facebook. They want to access our social media account.

CERT warns against mass emailing as part of a phishing campaign. The scammers impersonate Facebook saying that “Verification of your Facebook account is required.”

Facebook scam. CERT warns

– Attention, a mass mailing of letters is underway as part of a phishing campaign using the #Facebook image. Fraudsters report that account verification is required and thus force you to enter your login and password from the platform. Please report such messages to us. Be careful – we read in the CERT statement.

As Spiderweb.pl points out, the email address has nothing to do with Facebook, and the scammers didn’t even try to create a trusted domain. The scammers likely hoped that the disturbing headline and content would catch the attention of Internet users, and that the following would instinctively follow a link in the message leading to a page impersonating Facebook and a login panel.

The portal indicates that having access to this data, fraudsters can use our account, for example, to write to friends asking for a loan. Funds are paid using Blik codes. In addition, criminals can access other services, especially if the victim uses the same passwords in many places, which is often the case.

According to CERT NASK data provided by Spiderweb.pl, last year phishing attacks were the most common threats (nearly 65% ​​of all incidents). The most popular type of phishing was the image of the courier company InPost (over 5,000 incidents), which outpaced Facebook (over 4,000 incidents) and Vinted (nearly 3,000 incidents).

Designed by: Radoslav Swiecki
Source: Twitter/CERT, spiderweb.pl

Source: Wprost

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