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Spy Trojan on Google Play. Virus records conversations and screen

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An innocent app from Google Play turned into a spy. Having won the trust of users, the application recorded conversations from a microphone and sent screen video to hackers every quarter of an hour. Be sure to remove it.

Cybersecurity experts have warned that the Google Play app cannot spy on users. The program, available on Android, was supposed to stream microphone recordings to hackers and record what smartphone users are doing.

iRecorder Screen Recorder – Spy Trojan on Google Play

The iRecorder Screen Recorder app was released to the Google Play Store ecosystem in September 2021. For a long time, it served only as a smartphone screen recording tool. It may not have been innovative, but it was completely innocent and completely legal.

The hackers hoped to lull the 50,000 users who downloaded the app and used it every day. However, 11 months after its release, iRecorder received an update. After its implementation, the program changed its behavior, which was discovered only now.

iRecorder started turning on the phone’s microphone in the background and recording what is being said on the phone. In addition, the phone began to record the screen itself, without the consent of the user. Recording started every 15 minutes like clockwork, and the program recorded frames lasting one minute. The stolen data was sent by the app to the hackers’ server via an encrypted link.

iRecorder with AhMyth trojan – how does spyware work?

Lukas Stefanko, Security Specialist against Evolving Threats (ESET), explains that the AhMyth Trojan was hidden in iRecorder, allowing remote access to the victim’s smartphone. Then criminals can force the phone to perform many unwanted actions, including recording or turning on the microphone.

Over the past few years, this virus has become quite popular in Android applications. However, the version of AhMyth included with iRecorder has been greatly improved and changed. This suggests that the hacker behind the recording app knows what he’s doing.

Google has already reported a dangerous virus, and the application has disappeared from the Play Store. Users still need to take the necessary precautions. If you accidentally installed iRecorder, it’s best to uninstall the app manually right away.

Designed by: Krzysztof Sobepan
Source: technical times

Source: Wprost

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