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You will find work in these professions the fastest. Candidates can choose from offers

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The labor market has its own rules. Many industries are still experiencing a boom in employment, while others are cutting jobs in search of savings. Not everyone needs to cut costs. In some professions, the turnover in the market is very high, and entrepreneurs have to compete with each other for the best candidates to fill vacancies and implement planned projects.

Popular job sites offer thousands of job offers, both for candidates with little experience and for specialists in various industries. Most of these offers are advertising to employees in several industries. The editors of Wprost.pl checked which job offers appear most often on the Internet. Our rating did not include IT specialists, analysts and project managers, because the labor market has its own rules.

Labor market. Most job offers are for blue-collar workers.

“The list of the most in-demand professions is dominated primarily by manual workers,” says Mateusz Zidek from the recruitment agency Randstad. According to the expert, this is due to the structure of the Polish economy. The share of industry and industrial processing accounts for more than 43%. all employment in Poland. These industries are mostly large manufacturing plants that employ hundreds of workers per plant.

This also affects the scale of new vacancies, which mainly concern unqualified manufacturing workers or people with technical qualifications, including, for example, electricians and welders listed. The construction industry accounts for almost 4%, which also explains the presence of builders and electricians on the list. In addition, the number of offers for these specialties is also influenced by offers from employers outside Poland.

Many advertisements are addressed to drivers and warehouse workers.

Responsible for almost 6 percent. The logistics and transport industry is mainly looking for warehouse workers, packers and drivers. Trade-related occupations, including e-commerce and selling business products, also rank high on the list. The entire sector accounts for 11%. employment, so the presence of customer service specialists is justified.

However, there is less demand for salespeople, salespeople, and customer service consultants, so these positions are not at the top of the rankings, but still rank highly. In the case of the specialists appearing on the list, we are mainly talking about universal functions that are characteristic of almost all sectors of the economy.

Every medium and large company needs specialists to work with clients, solve accounting and administrative issues. The demand for the latter specialists is further influenced by recruitment in public administration, which accounts for about 6%. Total employment in Poland.

TOP 10 of all professional levels

  1. Production workers

  2. Builders

  3. Warehouse workers, packers

  4. Electricians

  5. Welders

  6. Drivers

  7. Specialist in working with customers

  8. Administration Specialist

  9. Production Specialist

  10. Accounting Specialist

Author: Dariusz Brzostek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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