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Seim’s YouTube channel is breaking popularity records. Kholovnya: There will be a silver button!

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Interest in politics has increased significantly after the parliamentary elections in Poland. This was evident, among other things, after the turnout at the venues. However, there is another determining factor: the number of subscriptions to the Diet’s YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel Sejm RP, the official profile of the lower house of the Polish parliament, is breaking popularity records. It just hit 141,000 subscriptions, which means… it deserves a special badge that Google, the owner of the platform, gives to authors who manage to collect 100,000 subscribers.

Parliament could get YouTube’s silver button

According to the procedure, in order for the creator, in this case the Chancellery of the Diet, to receive a silver button, he must declare such a desire and submit an application to the American giant for shipment. At a press conference, Sejm Marshal Szymon Hołownia was asked about this, and he did not hide his surprise at the whole situation.

– I was already in a program where there was a golden button (“There’s talent” on TVN – editor’s note), now should I agree to a silver button? Well, I don’t know, we’ll see – said the Speaker of the Seimas, Shimon Holownia.

Kholovnya: democracy takes root

Will Marshal Szymon Holownya ask YouTube to send a silver button? He admitted that he should contact the Seimas information center and noted that one thing is important in the whole situation.

– I will talk to the Seimas information center, because I don’t feel competent to write about awarding this silver button. For me, a gold or even a diamond button is that there are so many subscribers, but maybe we can squeeze out more. This is very good, democracy is finally coming under the roof, to our televisions, computers and smartphones. It should be. The place where we are is not a museum of democracy, democracy should be alive here – He said.

– Seriously, I am very happy and would like to thank all those, more than 100,000 people. new subscribers that the Seim channel acquired, because this means that what should happen is happening – people are really interested in what they did on October 15th. They want to hold us accountable for this and look at it… added by Shimon Holownya

Sejm meetings with popcorn

The Marshal also recalled that the upcoming meetings of the Sejm, scheduled for November 28 and 29, could prove extremely interesting. Shimon Holownya advised the townspeople to prepare a supply of popcorn.

– I can immediately say that a lot will happen on Tuesday. This is the law on IVF, the law on nurses, the dismissal of members of the Lex Tusk commission, the first reading on the appointment of the first three commissions of inquiry, the law on Sunday trading, the appointment of an ombudsman for children. .. Ladies and gentlemen, stock up on popcorn for next Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be a lot of emotions, but I hope that in the end there will be a lot of good things – – said the Speaker of the Seimas.

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