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Businesses are excited about artificial intelligence. New professions related to artificial intelligence are appearing on the market

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Artificial intelligence has already proven itself in many industries. A positive trend can be seen in many Polish enterprises. More and more companies are implementing artificial intelligence-based tools. With the development of new technologies, the labor market is also changing, experts say. And recruiters are already looking for the best candidates for new professions, for example, “operations engineer.”

We are at the beginning of the technological journey, but many Polish enterprises are already seeing a positive trend. – say labor market experts. – Domestic companies are eager to implement artificial intelligence-based tools because it gives them an advantage over their competitors. – they add. The machines help companies create accurate forecasts and use complex calculations and advanced algorithms to transform business processes.

Artificial intelligence will change the labor market

However, this is only the beginning of the changes ahead for Polish companies, as the opportunities associated with AI imply the need for new competencies in teams. Experts also point out what skills employees should now develop to meet digital demands.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, leaders identify two fundamental categories of skills that should now characterize employees in the business environment. “The first of these are interpersonal skills, such as the ability to distance oneself from emotions, conflict resolution, mindfulness and communication practices. The second category is special knowledge. – we read in the report.

Artificial intelligence. Evolution or revolution will also occur in marketing.

The study authors emphasize both the importance of retaining and developing this knowledge among more experienced employees, and the key role in transferring and developing these competencies among younger, less experienced employees.

With the development of new technologies, the labor market is also changing. – says Anna Kolodziej, content marketing manager at sprawny.marketing magazine. – Evolution and perhaps even revolution also applies to the marketing industry. The rapid development of AI, opening up more and more opportunities and the emergence of new professions. All this makes it necessary to develop new competencies. – he adds.

Artificial intelligence is creating new professions. One of them is an “operational engineer”

According to the report “Labor Market, Education, Competencies. Current trends and research results. More than half of respondents (52%) are convinced that artificial intelligence will affect their career development and will have nothing to do with losing their job.

Recruiters speak in the same tone. In addition to the benefits that the use of AI can bring, there is also talk of new professions entering the market. One of them is an “operations engineer.” Professionals in this profession work with various teams to identify business needs and project requirements. – They can be reduced to the role “intermediaries” between human needs and artificial intelligence capabilities, resulting in intuitive and effective solutions – says Petr Scha, artificial intelligence product manager at sprawny.marketing magazine.

Artificial intelligence alone is not enough. People are necessary

In his opinion, this work requires understanding the nuances and limitations of artificial intelligence models and adapting to changing needs and market trends. Fast Engineer is a job for people who want to be at the forefront of technological innovation, combining technical knowledge with creative problem solving.

Experts emphasize that artificial intelligence alone is not enough to achieve business success. In their opinion, achieving a competitive advantage is impossible without the participation of the team in the business process. “Research shows that rushing to replace people with AI is a mistake. “Artificial intelligence is still a tool that requires human control, intuition and creativity.” – we read in the report.

Platforms offer training for new professions. AI attracts candidates

In turn, Maja Goitovska, a consultant on HR processes, argues that we will soon observe a certain dualism in the labor market. – Jobs with repetitive work will be automated, but next to them will be a second group of highly specialized professions that cannot be replaced. – says the expert in an interview with Wporst.pl.

Because what artificial intelligence still can’t do is critical thinking. And someone will have to program the AI – he adds. Today, training courses are available on platforms such as Cursea.com to make it easier to retrain for roles such as artificial intelligence (AI) engineer or machine learning engineer.

Author: Dariusz Brzostek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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