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Musical battle royale starring pigeons. Will it repeat the success of Fall Guys?

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Headbangers: Rhythm Royale seems to have so much in common with Fall Guys that it’s hard not to notice the heavy inspiration from that popular game. However, for some reason this game was much quieter about it.

As soon as the birds began to chirp about the existence of something like Headbangers, I literally jumped on the name. Musical battle royale? This should have worked! I’ve been watching gameplay on 9Kier’s stream for a while and already knew this was something for me. When I also found out that the game was available on Game Pass, I immediately started downloading.

Headbangers: plays and hums

As a PUBG and Warzone fan who plays Trombone Champ and various versions of Guitar Hero, I simply couldn’t ignore Headbangers: Rhythm Royale. Regardless of how such a game would sound and look, it simply seems too interesting and innovative. And let’s agree that it sounded and looked quite tolerable.

The graphics of “Pigeons” are very reminiscent of the popular “Beans”, that is, Fall Guys – a hit in August 2020. For some this will be an advantage, for others a disadvantage – but the game certainly meets the minimum aesthetic requirements. Of course, it could be a little different from this name, but the creators decided to take the safest route. According to the well-known rule, we like melodies that are already familiar to us.

But I have to disagree about the music. For a rhythm game, that is, a musical one, there are too many creaks and clangs. The game has a lot of audio clutter and, in my opinion, unnecessary noise that gets boring after a long game. However, it’s probably a matter of wanting to attract a younger, over-excited user. Therefore, 30-year-old seniors should be patient or decide on shorter gaming sessions.

Rhythm Royale, or Be the last dove

The most important thing here is the gameplay. We start each battle with 30 pigeons, and after the first competition we reduce the group to 20, then to 10 and finally to the final five. Competition does not allow us to relax for a minute. Any, even the most insignificant distraction is a sure failure. In our first attempts, we often lose due to ignorance of the rules, which are different for each mini-game. However, we quickly catch up and find a rhythm.

The creators have prepared a pool of 23 competitions. Unfortunately, they begin to recur within the first hours and after a while they become more frequent. For the game to survive beyond Christmas, it will require even more variety and creativity. Guessing sounds and various forms of imitation are a little lacking in a genre that involves perfection and repetition. It’s great to start with a new sound, but no one likes broken records, right?

Catch the pigeon!

Of course, for playing and winning, we receive rewards that, just like in Fall Guys (sorry for returning to this title, but comparisons are simply impossible to avoid), will help us distinguish ourselves from other participants in the game. However, this is not motivation for someone who has already played in similar productions. Then again, perhaps young players are simply being targeted. However, it looks like this game could have done a little more to entice players to dive back into the 30-player competition.

In the case of Fall Guys, the motivator was, of course, friends. There is nothing better than competing with friends in which we can win the cup and demonstrate our musical and rhythmic superiority. However, while “Beans” became an immediate hit and almost everyone wanted to try to get their hands on the winner’s crown soon after its premiere, there is an uneasy silence surrounding “Headbangers”. And this is not a game you can play alone. Defeating 29 strangers is not the same as defeating even one opponent “made of flesh, feathers and bones.”

Better a handful of beans than a pigeon on the roof

Fall Guys wasn’t that great of a game on its own, but the ability to compete with friends on Steam created a snowball effect and brought huge crowds of people to the game. Headbangers had the potential to create an identical scenario, but for some reason it didn’t follow in the footsteps of that hit. The game may still be waiting to be discovered by larger streamers. Perhaps more price cuts are needed because not everyone uses Game Pass. I wouldn’t be surprised if this young game continues to stand out and skyrocket to the top of the popularity chart.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one ever hears from him again. A cool initial idea will have to be supported by further work, additional content and a marketing campaign so that the game does not get lost among the dozens of new products released every month. It may not have incredible value when it comes to replayability – aka replayability. However, even if it doesn’t become a classic played over the next few years, it could certainly be a hit at at least a few events. Nod your head if you agree.

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